Cheers Lemon and Ginger

Cheers Lemon and Ginger

Wishing to lose some weight? Get some of the goodness of Nilon’s Lemon and Ginger Juice in your system and burn those extra calories!

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INGREDIENTS: Water, Sugar, Amla Juice , Ginger Extract (3.5%), Concentrated Lemon Juice (2.6%), Shatavari Extract, Acidity Regulator (INS 330), INS 211), Carbonating Agent (INS 290). NO ADDED COLOURS *EQUIVALENT TO 6.49% JUICES

Nutritional Information

ENERGY (kcal) 50.01 CARBOHYDRATE (g) 12.50 SUGARS (g) 11.42 PROTEIN (g) 0.0 FAT (g) 0.0

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