Pyaar, Achaar aur Mauka

About Pyaar Achaar Aur Mauka

Are you someone who loves the art of achaar? Do neighbors ring your door often to sample yourdelicious pickle? Are you famous as the one who makes delicious achaars in your area? Then we might just be looking for you. Nilon’s is giving you the opportunity to participate in a contest where your pickle stands the chance to win. Upon winning, the share of profits will be yours based on thesales of your pickle. So, what are you waiting for?

Click the banner above to participate and let your pickle recipe earn for you!





Tunni Bhaiyya Loves Achaar

Tunni Bhaiya ka Pyaar with some Swadisht Achaar is reaching new heights, watch as he enjoys his bowl of pickle and talks about how your pickle can make you famous.

Terms and Conditions

This section will contain the Terms and Conditions for the contest. Please note the terms and conditions for participating:

  1. Participate and share your entries through whatsapp chat
  2. Please mention your name and state while submitting your entry
  3. Please follow the packing instructions carefully
  4. Broken or damaged entries will be disqualified
  5. Each person can only share their entry once
  6. Please accept permissions to share your content while participation.
Pyaar, Achaar aur Mauka