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Although 1 addict shortly resumed opiate use cheap 800mg cialis black mastercard impotence 19 year old, 3 avoided further opiate use for several weeks discount cialis black 800mg with mastercard erectile dysfunction pills otc, and 3 avoided further drug abuse for at least 14 weeks buy cialis black us icd 9 code erectile dysfunction neurogenic. Ibogaine reduces intake of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, morphine, nicotine, food, and water by rats. Lowered consumption of food and water raises question about whether ibo- gaine is affecting drug consumption per se or is exerting some broader action. An ibogaine derivative, however, reduces rats’ drug intake without reducing water intake. Results are inconsistent on whether the drug improves or impedes learning in rats, an effect related to memory. One theory holds ibogaine allows humans to remember why they started using drugs, thereby helping abusers to stop. The instant results claimed for ibogaine, however, are inconsistent with the time necessary for memories to liberate persons from other psychiatric afflic- tions. And the memory theory also assumes that the reason an abuser started using drugs was either invalid in the past or is no longer valid in the present, an assumption inconsistent with much that is known about drug abuse. The memory aspect is commonly mentioned by users, however, and some claim to achieve major positive realignment of their lives through ibogaine- induced insights into past experiences and allegorical interpretations of hallucinations. Nonetheless, some heroin addicts who initially announced themselves cured by ibogaine did not find the change permanent and resumed heroin use. One report says the ibogaine cure lasted less than a month for about 25% of heroin addicts who received it, longer for others who received supplemental therapy and who were dedicated to changing their lives. A curiosity about the use of ibogaine in addiction treatment is that reported doses range from 500 mg to 1,800 mg. Addi- tional effects of 200 mg are described as nervousness (perhaps bordering on fear), unpleasant feelings in arms and legs, difficulty in muscular coordination, tremors with rapid and repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles, and inability to sleep. Nausea and vomiting are sometimes reported, along with so much uncomfortable sensitivity to light that people cover their eyes. Such unwanted actions might be publicized as substantial drawbacks in a street Ibogaine 205 drug but receive little, if any, mention in reports where ibogaine is adminis- tered as an addiction treatment. Individual personality and the circumstance in which a drug is taken can, of course, make a big difference in effects. So perhaps massive doses of ibogaine do not affect addicts in the same way that people are affected outside a therapeutic context. This bad-smelling plant grows around the world in temperate and subtropical climates and thrives without cultivation. Jimson weed can cause hallucinations and has been a component of witches’ potions and shaman experiences. Archaeological evidence exists for prehistoric spiritual use in North America, and accounts exist of such usage by native peoples into the twentieth century. Jimson weed is biologically related to several food plants including potato, pepper, eggplant, and tomato. Someone was able to graft a tomato plant onto jimson weed, with the resulting fruit so potent that con- sumers were hospitalized; one account described the incident as apparently “the first known instance of hallucinogenic tomatoes. Drugs found in jimson weed leaves, flowers, and seeds include atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine, which are often called “belladonna alkaloids. A drink from the plant is given to help people endure the pain of setting broken bones. Inhaling jimson weed smoke is a traditional remedy for asthma, sore breathing, or coughing. Scientific measurement has confirmed that jimson weed smoke improves airway function of asthmatics. The natural product is also a treat- ment against cramps, eye inflammation, and feverish infection. Jimson weed has anticholinergic actions, meaning it can change heartbeat, affect eyesight (including extreme and prolonged dilation of pupils), Jimson Weed 207 and halt progress of material through the intestines. Jimson weed should be avoided by persons with heart trouble, glaucoma, or slow bowels. Other body signs indicating that Jimson weed should be avoided include enlarged pros- tate, urination difficulty, fluid buildup in lung tissue, and obstruction that impedes movement of food from the stomach. The substance can raise blood pressure and body temperature while drying mucous membranes. Persons hospitalized following jimson weed ingestion have shown a flushed face, ex- aggerated reflexes, other reflexes consistent with a poison acting upon the brain, and changes involving prothrombin (a factor in blood clotting). More than one report about jimson weed describes users with a saying such as this: “Blind as a bat, hot as a hare, dry as a bone, red as a beet, mad as a hatter, the bowel and bladder lose their tone, and the heart runs alone. People can become fidgety and even manic, talk continuously, go into delirium (which may be combative), and fall into an exhausted sleep. Reportedly such responses to the plant inspired medical use in past times against epilepsy and psychotic behavior. Intoxicated persons can be unaware of what they are doing and unaware of what is going on around them, additional hazards on top of the drug’s sometimes dangerous physical effects. Cases are documented of agricultural workers and garden- ers being affected by apparently rubbing their eyes after contact with jimson weed or other datura plants; a case report also exists of absorption through the skin. Contamination of food is known, and unsuspecting persons have used wine and honey made from the plants. Rats on a 90-day diet including jimson weed seed experienced lower cholesterol levels, less weight gain, and increased weight of livers. Investigators running the experiment described the consequences of chronic jimson weed seed diet as undesirable, but of course humans do not eat the seeds as a regular food. Horses, cattle, and pigs react badly to jimson weed, but rabbits and sheep are relatively unaffected. Europeans were using Datura plants such as jimson weed in the 1500s; one account from that era mentions long-lasting intoxication with emotions ranging from euphoria to weeping, with people having amnesia about what they did while under the influence. The same account mentions prostitutes using Datura to make clients more pliable, and old reports speak of sexual frenzy induced by the substance. During the 1600s soldiers sent to suppress Bacon’s Rebellion in colonial Virginia partook of jimson weed, and according to an account dating from 1722, some were incapacitated for days: “One would blow up a Feather in the Air; another would dart Straws at it with much Fury; and another stark naked was sitting up in a Corner, like a Monkey, grinning and making Mows [grimaces] at them; and a Fourth would fondly kiss, and paw his Companions, and snear [sic] in their Faces. Marines at Camp Pendleton were treated for 208 Jimson Weed hallucinations from recreational jimson weed usage. A few years earlier a sur- vey of drug users in the South African military found about 3% to be using jimson weed. Some jimson weed users describe sensations of flying, instant travel between one city and another, and communication with plants and inanimate objects. Although insects are a commonly reported visual hallucination from jimson weed, one uncommon sensation is a feeling of crawling insects, reminiscent of the “coke bugs” hallucination associated with cocaine. In keeping with an old but largely abandoned tradition of medicine, an articulate medical journal author engaged in Datura self- experimentation and produced a graphic account of interactions with charms of nineteenth-century Paris and with horrors of twentieth-century monsters. A witness later “told me that I fought the restraining devices so violently that he thought every blood vessel in my face and neck would explode. The Ames test, a standard laboratory procedure that screens sub- stances for carcinogenicity, indicates jimson weed seeds have potential for causing cancer. Birth defects did not become more common in children of 450 pregnant women who received the atropine component of jimson weed.

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Some people find their hair loss diminishes if they take Thyrolar discount cialis black uk erectile dysfunction quad mix, a synthetic combination of both thyroid hormones buy generic cialis black 800 mg on-line erectile dysfunction from diabetes treatment for, T4 and T3 discount cialis black online american express erectile dysfunction causes stress. Sometimes the problem is male-pattern hair loss, on the temples and top of the head, seen in women with high testosterone. The problem may be exacerbated in some patients treated with drugs for thyroid problems. The nutritional supplement evening primrose oil inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. And it is a good source of essential fatty acids—the symptoms of hypothyroidism are quite similar to those for insufficient essential fatty acids. In one study, 90 percent of women with thinning hair were deficient in iron and the amino acid 25 lysine. Good sources of lysine are foods rich in protein, such as meat and poultry, eggs, and some fish (cod, sardines). Because grains contain small quantities of lysine but legumes contain lots, meals that combine the two—Indian dal with rice, beans with rice and tortilla, falafel and hummus with pita bread—are a good way to get complete protein in your diet and keep hair on your head. The Solution: The Gottfried Protocol for Low Thyroid Step 1: Targeted Lifestyle Changes and Nutraceuticals Several micronutrients, required by your body in small quantities for optimal physiological function, can alter your thyroid balance. Additionally, certain heavy metals and endocrine disruptors from the environment can harm your thyroid function. The thyroid gland is quite sensitive to copper and zinc, which must remain in proportion; an imbalance in these two elements can result in hypothyroidism. Additionally, thyroid hormone regulates blood levels of copper by adjusting the copper transport protein ceruloplasmin, and thereby changing the level of copper inside and outside of cells. Meats, poultry, and eggs are the best dietary sources of copper, which means vegans need to supplement their diets with an abundance of nuts, seeds, and grains, other good sources of copper. Even with sufficient copper in your diet, you may be like me: I have trouble absorbing copper and consistently measure low on blood tests. For this reason, I take a multivitamin containing 2 mg of copper to augment the amount of copper I get from my food. As discussed earlier in this chapter, your serum levels of both copper and selenium may indicate thyroid resistance. Selenium supplementation appears to reduce immune overactivity, as measured by autoimmune antibodies to the thyroid, and to improve mood and well-being in selenium-deficient people. As I’ve mentioned, you want the appropriate amount for you: not too much and not too little. Evidence is good that vitamin A supplementation has a beneficial impact on thyroid function. In addition to iodine, selenium, copper, zinc, and other micronutrients, iron is also key to normal thyroid function. If you don’t have enough iron, it may affect several of the steps of thyroid-hormone production by reducing the activity of the enzyme thyroid peroxidase, which is iron dependent. The most sensitive way to measure your iron level is to ask your doctor for a serum- ferritin level, and to keep your level between 70 and 90. If those fail to keep your ferritin in your target range, you may need to find out why you aren’t absorbing it well. Some women also need to take a supplement, such as ferrous sulfate or ferrous fumerate. However, many women find that iron supplements cause constipation and dark, hard stool. If that is the case, I recommend magnesium, probiotics, and a decreased dose of iron. I usually recommend 50 to 100 mg per day of elemental iron with careful monitoring of your progress through serum ferritin. Taking iron within four hours of thyroid medication may lower absorption of the thyroid medication. It is generally not necessary to take iron after menopause, since you are no longer losing blood each month. Mercury also gets into our bodies by way of fish, particularly large fish and shellfish; medications, such as thiazide diuretics, prescribed for high blood pressure; vaccines, which may contain thimerosal, a mercury compound used as a preservative; and dental fillings. I recommend starting a mercury-free campaign that includes eating only fish with low levels of mercury, replacing your old metal fillings, and reducing your exposure in a reasonable way. If you’re pregnant, ask your doctor about how much and what kinds of fish you should eat. You can find numerous websites that will give you information on mercury levels in fish, such as the Centers for Disease Control or the Monterey Bay Aquarium seafood watch site. As mentioned earlier, soy foods or isoflavones have either little or no effect on thyroid function if you are getting sufficient iodine. You don’t need to avoid soy foods (unless you have a food intolerance), but keep an eye on your thyroid tests if you have a fondness for regular soy consumption. Certain foods, such as Brussels sprouts and kale, are good for your estrogen metabolism but, if eaten raw, may decrease thyroid function. With the bad rap the sun’s rays have been getting lately, some people have been covering up or staying out of the sun too much, and not getting enough vitamin D. It’s difficult to gain a sufficient amount through your diet, which is why some food products, such as milk, are fortified with vitamin D. The best food sources are liver and low-mercury fish such as herring, sardines, and cod. Sunshine is still the best way to get vitamin D, but my advice is not to overdo it. Step 2: Herbal Therapies For thousands of years, practitioners of Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine from India that I sometimes find helpful in treating metabolic problems, have prescribed several botanical therapies to help with thyroid. Despite folkloric precedent and use in Asia, these have not been supported by solid scientific evidence. Similarly, at least one health site suggests coleus, guggulu, and bladderwrack for low thyroid function, but there is insufficient data to warrant any of these recommendations. When it comes to bioidentical hormones, I prescribe the smallest doses possible and for the shortest duration, with the intention to never rise above the physiological range—that is, the normal range that occurs naturally and is considered optimal. I tell my patients that finding the right thyroid prescription is similar to shoe shopping—sometimes you nail it with the first pair of shoes that you try on, but other times you need to try various pairs before you find the best fit. I was taught in medical school and residency to use synthetic T4 in all cases, but I’ve found over the past few decades that hypothyroid symptoms are more likely to resolve—the shoe is more likely to fit— when I start with desiccated or glandular thyroid prescriptions. Overall, I achieve better results for a wider range of symptoms when I use desiccated thyroid rather than synthetic T4. Just as conventional physicians question the validity of the hypothyroid diagnosis, many also question the benefit of desiccated thyroid, and consider it obsolete. There are several different options to consider when you need thyroid augmentation or replacement. Here’s a shopping list; except for Tirosint, which is a liquid soft gel, the first three are oral tablets. Several companies make natural thyroid-hormone replacement products; the one I generally prescribe is Armour Thyroid.

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Rolling motion is not encountered in living systems purchase 800 mg cialis black impotence quoad hoc, but viscous friction plays an important role in the flow of blood and other biological fluids purchase 800mg cialis black with amex erectile dysfunction treatment options-pumps. Whereas sliding friction is independent of velocity generic cialis black 800mg without a prescription impotence examination, fluid friction has a strong velocity dependence. It is both a nuisance and an indispens- able factor in the ability of animals to move. Without friction an object that is pushed into motion would continue to move forever (Newton’s first law, Appendix A). It is the frictional force that dissipates kinetic energy into heat and eventually stops the Section 2. Without friction we could not walk; nor could we balance on an inclined plane (see Exercise 2-2). Friction also produces undesirable wear and tear and destructive heating of contact surfaces. Both nature and engineers attempt to maximize friction where it is necessary and minimize it where it is destructive. Friction is greatly reduced by introducing a fluid such as oil at the interface of two surfaces. A natural example of such lubrication occurs in the joints of animals, which are lubricated by a fluid called the synovial fluid. Assume that she is wearing leather-soled shoes and that she is standing in a vertical position as shown in the figure. The force parallel to the surface Fp, which tends to cause the sliding, is Fp W sin θ (2. When the joints are in motion, these large forces produce frictional wear, Section 2. Frictional wear at the joints is greatly reduced by a smooth cartilage coating at the contact ends of the bone and by synovial fluid which lubricates the contact areas. When a person walks, the full weight of the body rests on one leg through most of each step. Because the center of gravity is not directly above the joint, the force on the joint is greater than the weight. Since the radius of the joint is about 3 cm, the joint slides about 3 cm inside the socket during each step. Furthermore, this work would be dissipated into heat energy, which would destroy the joint. Therefore, the work expended in counteracting friction and the resul- tant heating of the joint are negligible. However, as we age, the joint cartilage begins to wear, efficiency of lubrication decreases, and the joints may become seriously damaged. Studies indicate that by the age of 70 about two-thirds of people have knee joint problems and about one-third have hip problems. The catfish has such a joint connecting its dorsal spine fin to the rest of its skeleton (Fig. Normally the fin is folded flat against the 28 Chapter 2 Friction body, but when the fish is attacked, the appropriate muscles pull the bone of the fin into a space provided in the underlying skeleton. Since the coefficient of friction between the fin bone and the skeleton is high, the frictional force tends to lock the fin in the up position. In order to remove the fin, a force must be applied in a predominantly vertical direction with respect to the underlying skeleton. The shaded block represents the movable fin bone, and the horizontal block is the spine holding the fin. The dimensions shown in the figure are to be used in the calculations required for Exercise 2-3. The applied force tips the bone, and as a result reaction forces are set up at points B and C. The components of these forces normal to the fin-bone surface produce frictional forces that resist removal of the bone. Calculation of some of the properties of the locking mechanism is left as an exercise. Calculate the minimum value for the coefficient of friction between the bones to prevent dislodging of the bone. Chapter 3 T ranslational otion In general, the motion of a body can be described in terms of translational and rotational motion. In pure translational motion all parts of the body have the same velocity and acceleration (Fig. In pure rotational motion, such as the rotation of a bar around a pivot, the rate of change in the angle θ is the same for all parts of the body (Fig. Many motions and movements encountered in nature are combinations of rotation and translation, as in the case of a body that rotates while falling. Theequationsoftranslationalmotionforconstantaccelerationarepresented in Appendix A and may be summarized as follows: In uniform acceleration, the final velocity (v) of an object that has been accelerated for a time t is v v0 + at (3. Although in 32 Chapter 3 Translational Motion the process of jumping the acceleration of the body is usually not constant, the assumption of constant acceleration is necessary to solve the problems without undue difficulties. In the crouched position, at the start of the jump, the center of gravity is lowered by a dis- tance c. During the act of jumping, the legs generate a force by pressing down on the surface. Although this force varies through the jump, we will assume that it has a constant average value F. Because the feet of the jumper exert a force on the surface, an equal upward-directed force is exerted by the surface on the jumper (Newton’s third law). Thus, there are two forces acting on the jumper: her weight (W ), which is in the downward direction, and the reaction force (F ), which is in the upward direction. This force acts on the jumper until her body is erect and her feet leave the ground. The acceleration of the jumper in this stage of the jump (see Appendix A) is F − W F − W a (3. However, the mass of the Earth is so large that its acceleration due to the jump is negligible. After the body leaves the ground, the only force acting on it is the force of gravity W, which produces a downward acceleration −g on the body. At the maximum height H, just before the body starts falling back to the ground, the velocity is zero. The initial velocity for this part of the jump is the take-off velocity v given by Eq. Experi- ments have shown that in a good jump a well-built person generates an average reaction force that is twice his/her weight (i. The distance c, which is the lowering of the center of gravity in the crouch, is proportional to the length of the legs. For an average person, this distance is about 60 cm, which is our estimate for the height of a vertical jump.

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