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Their chemical and Germany Clophen (used by Bayer) physical stability is responsible for their contnuing persistence in the environment discount 30 gm permethrin acne 6 days before period, and the lingering Italy interest decades afer regulatons were imposed to control environmental contaminaton permethrin 30 gm with amex acne tool. A conference • railway sleepers about the hazards was organized at Harvard School of Public Health in 1937 purchase permethrin us skin care by gabriela, and a number of publicatons referring to the toxicity of various chlorinated hydrocarbons were published before However,theycontnuedtobeallowedin"totallyencloseduses"suchastransformersandcapacitors, 1940. Thus the which, in certain failure modes or out-of-specifcaton conditons, can leak, catch fre, or explode. The United States was the single largest producer with over 600,000 tons produced between 1930 and 1977. Our skin serious efects on the patent as it robs the patent of his ability to detox and lets toxins build up must sweat and our mucous membranes detox as well. These have become some of our swear or The fallacy that more is beter is so entrenched into the American way of thinking that even taboo words, such as shit, pis, or snot. Originally, when they started to develop chlorinaton for water to purify it of bacteria, As we are exposed to more and more toxins our detox mechanisms of the body over load. This can they found that smaller amounts of chlorine seemed to work beter than larger amounts, but this ofen produce an excess toxic release. Such as diarehea, excess sweat, smelly urine, skin conditons, was bafing to the minds of the developers of the chlorinaton process. Since we have an instnct to dislike these auto toxins we ofen see them as symptoms. Even though the chlorine or are so unluckey or unwise to then see an allopath, then the allopath will most ofen fght the fuorine might have had detrimental risks, the fact was that long term health was not their goal; symptom, by prescribing a drug that blocks the detox response. Anthistamines block the detox of their goal was to reduce the amount of bacteria in the water. The worst drugs are the steroids such as the cortsone creams that stop the skin detox Other hormone research has shown how factors of thyroid hormone can have dramatc efects and drive the toxins in deeper. Sometmes just one molecule per cell can have profound efects to prevent blood clotng, change muscle contracton, control urinary secreton, The german feld of homotoxiclology shows us how these toxins can build up and start to be control liver functoning, make or break hyper-immune reactons, and control the polarizaton deposited into other tssues and eventualy cause cancer. At the top there are the stages of detox, and down the side we have the tssue hormones have been found in diferent percentages to have profoundly diferent efects. By using certain toxins homeopathically we can stmulate detox and correct the As Isaacs pointed out, the diference between an alpha and beta receptor is not a profound allopathic damage. This allows for us to deal with the underlying disease and then clear up the diference in the hormone, but a diference in the concentraton. Ofen tmes a synthetc Just as various pH detectors are sensitve to various pH and might turn a diferent color, we can compound entered into the body is dealt with inapropriately by the liver. The liver makes protens also see that concentratons of hormones could have varying efects on receptor sites. If the liver makes an inappropriate proten a new toxin can has a certain pH factor characterized by its color. This change in color is allows us to develop a refned arsenal of homeopathic medicatons for the illnesses of the world. The use of nosodes, isodes, allersodes, and sarcodes is an ever increasingly popular form of There are many dyes in the plant and animal kingdom that are pH-sensitve, and they sense the homeopathy around the world. Thus the alpha and beta receptors are not sparked by diferent hormones, contnuously changing the entre microorganism feld, only a fexible model for development of but by the concentraton of those hormones. There are new synthyetc compounds As we understand more about biology, seeing it through a new nonlinear system in which more developed daily around the world as well. Many homeopaths and govternment regulators seek is not beter, we must cultvate an understanding of how biology can respond to very, very small to limit the responsiveness of homeopathy. Many homeopaths want to limit homeopathy to only stmuli, including polymorphic shapes, quantc energy paterns, liquid crystal functons, and the basic substances used by classic homeopaths. This could rob our society of a powerful tool in perhaps even other dimensional states. We can understand more of the efects that homeopathy correctng new diseases and new disease pictures. Please do what you can to stop the limitng of and vibratonal medicine can have on the human being. A thorough review of the literature regarding hormesis is recommended at this point. In the feld of hormesis, recent studies have found that small amounts of toxic elements can have stmulatory and profoundly positve efects on various organisms. At the University of Wyoming 152 153 studies have shown how small amounts of radiaton and other toxins can have positve efects Vessels - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hemorrhagic gangrene, peri- on enhancing the life span of insects and small mammals. Hormesis has been found to have very arterits nodosa, vasculits, positve efects and ramifcatons for biology. Hormesis is a pinnacle example of the Arndt-Schultz law, and how small amounts of toxic elements can have the reverse efect on biology. For a complete study on some of the efects of homeopathy and proof of its existence as a medical modality, we wish to point the reader at this tme to The Natural Repertory of Dr. Nelson, which Liver - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Faty liver, frosted liver, will describe scientfc research, pointng out not only the efcacy, but also some theories of indurated liver, lardaceous liver, philosophy regarding the use of allersodes, nosodes, isodes, sarcodes, and combinatons. Artculatons - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - Arthrits, polyarthrits, coxits, 1. The nucleus is separated from the cytoplasm by a double membrane - the osteomyelosclerosis, nuclear envelope - containing circular holes 50 to 70 nm in diameter - nuclear pores. The pores, which are usually crossed by a difuse membrane, probably represent the sites of interchange thrombophenia, idiopathic between nucleus and cytoplasm. Examples of cells showing such cytoplasmic basophilia are plasma cells, exocrine cells of the pancreas, and hepatocytes. Synthesis of some nuclear proteins afnity for acidic dyes such as eosin and acid fuchsin. Nucleolus The Golgi apparatus The nucleus normally contains one or more small basophilic structures - nucleoli, composed of The Golgi apparatus is a series of membrane lamellae, membranebound vacuoles and small a dense network (nucleolonema) enclosing paler areas (the pars amorpha). The granules of the vesicles, best seen in secretary cells such as those of the exocrine pancreas, goblet cells, and the nucleolonema are thought to represent newly-synthesised ribosome subunits which pass out absorptve cells of the gut. Microflaments Cytoplasm Microflaments are thin flaments with an average diameter of 6 nm composed of polymerised Cytosol difers from extracellular fuid in having a high concentraton of potassium, magnesium actn. They are usually found in bundles within a network and are important in retaining the shape and phosphate. Many functons reside in the cytosol or cytoplasmic matrix, namely: Microtubuies 1. Glycolysis Microtubuies are non-contractle structures, about 25 nm in diameter, and of variable length. Some reactons in gluconeogenesis are composed of subunits (dimers) of tubulin which can be rapidly re-assembled thus providing a dynamic cytoskeleton, and are found in cilia and fagella as well as forming mitotc spindles and 3. Phagocytosis These round, ovoid, or sinuous cytoplasmic organelles possess a complete outer trilaminar 6. Although all mitochondria have this basic structure there is considerable variability both in the number and 7.

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Calcium - levels of calcium in menstruatng women decrease 10 to 14 days before the onset • It is very common for women with Endometriosis to sufer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome buy permethrin pills in toronto skin care greenville sc. Iron - women with Endometriosis tend to have very heavy periods which can lead to an iron of order permethrin master card acne en la espalda. B vitamins - these are important for the breakdown of proteins purchase permethrin 30 gm without prescription acne 8o, carbohydrates and fats in the your own subtle triggers are, as well as which foods will set it of. Vitamin C - is well known for helping to boost the immune system and help provide resistance to disease. Vitamin A - is another immune system booster • avoid meat, dairy products, wheat and sugar •. Vitamin E - plays an important role by increasing oxygen carrying capacites and also • increase fber strengthens the immune system • modulate estrogen •. Selenium - when taken together with vitamin E has been reported to decrease infammaton • avoid cafeine and alcohol associated with Endometriosis, as well as immune system booster. These • drink lots of fltered or mineral water vegetables include: broccoli, caulifower and brussel sprouts. Auto immune diseases are thought to be triggered by free-radicals in the body, which could be an added factor in Endometriosis. Free radicals are destructve molecules and are found naturally in the body but can be made worse by polluton, stress, illness and smoking. There are minerals and vitamins that will help to fght of these free-radicals because of their antoxidant propertes, including: vitamins A,C,E, CoQ10, selenium, vitamin B complex, as well as specifc supplements being sold specifcally as Antoxidants. Over Chief Editor: 2,200 qualifed biofeedback therapists joined our Ethics Commitee study to evaluate how stress Prof William Nelson M. The Centro Ricerche, University of Venice + Padova, Italy The device and thus the study has insignifcant risk. Germany/Switzerland Two of the 2,200 plus therapists were given blank devices that were completely visually the same Klara Hilf M. Hungary to evaluate the double blind component of the placebo efect as compared to the device. Thus the studied groups were a placebo group, a subspace group, and a atached harness group. Canada This is just the frst study in a long task of analysis in truly break down the data totally. There were small efects seen in the placebo Consultant: group, larger efects in the subspace, and astounding efects in the real harness group. Some additonal functons where determined by the manufacturer to be worthy of evaluaton. William Nelson University of Venice + Padova, Italy An ethics commitee was formed and governmental permission atained to do the insignifcant risk study. Qualifed registered and or licensed Biofeedback therapists where enlisted to perform the study. America, Europe, Africa, This study was performed in the feld by practcing Biofeedback technicians. They were trained in the aspects of the study and how to atain informed and the study supervised by the Ethics Internatonal Insttutonal Review Board of Romania. Data analysis and study presentaton is done By the The Centro Ricerche, University of Venice + 2,256 therapists enlisted in the study. Then the therapist is to inquire on any reported changes during the meetng and on © Ethics Internatonal, 2007. This was to assess the double blind factor of the placebo efect as compared to the device. It is designed to measure reactons for allergy, homeopathy, nutriton, sarcodes, nosodes, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and many more items. Biofeedback is used for Important Questons : these are the key questons of the study pre-diagnostc work and or therapy. Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton testng and rectfcaton of subtle abnormalites of the body electric. If a patent is not available a subspace or distance healing link has been designed for subspace therapeutcs. Named afer the work of Samuel Hahneman the father of homeopathy, he said that the body heals itself with it’s innate knowledge. Theses upset the natural healing process by unnatural interventon and regulaton disturbance. Other ways to Suppress or Obstruct the Cure Before we review the direct disease improvement profles, we need to review the overall results. This behavioral The frst most basic of queston in the results is the basic feedback of the generic patent conditons. With over 96,000 patents and 256,800 patent visits we have direct evidence of the safety and efcacy. Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton The study technicians were educated and supervised by medical ofcers. As a general index scores of 200 + where much less the Helsinki study ethics regulatons. Then the study technician is to inquire on any disclosed observatons during the test and on follow-ups report any measured changes. Percentage of Improvement Measured There were no cases of patents who reported a negatve Improvement. Percentage of Improvement Measured There were 12%-- Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton 123 cases reportng no improvement of Symptoms,. Subspace Treatment 75,688 patent visits 38%--- Percentage of Improvement in Symptoms There were 45 cases of patents who reported a negatve Improvement. Percentage of Improvement Measured 433 cases reportng no improvement of Symptoms,. Percentage of Improvement Measured There were 49%-- Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton 310 cases reportng no improvement of Symptoms,. Percentage of Improvement Measured 532 cases reportng no improvement of Symptoms,. Percentage of Improvement Measured It is a Biofeedback device that measures how a person reacts to items. It is designed to measure 57%-- Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton reactons for allergy, homeopathy, nutriton, sarcodes, nosodes, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and many more items. Percentage of Improvement Measured will show the patent reactons to homeopathic or nutritonal items. This will help the therapist 52%-- Percentage of Improvement in Stress Reducton and the patent choose items that might be helpful. These items are not part of the study and purchase of them is the patent’s responsibility. Discussion: There is insignifcant risk and the only discomfort is sitng stll for the 30 or 40 min evaluaton.

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Literature Sources Results Comprehensive searches were conducted in 17 relevant electronic databases up to September 2005 buy permethrin master card acne home remedies. Other sources of potentially relevant studies included hand searches best buy for permethrin acne blemishes, reference tracking order permethrin overnight acne 3 weeks pregnant, Topic I. Given the variety quantitative data on health-related outcomes, and be published in English. The majority of studies on meditation practices have been conducted in considered universal or supplemental across practices. The three most studied clinical conditions are hypertension, other breathing is universal among practices, this is not a reflection of a common approach toward cardiovascular diseases, and substance abuse. The spiritual or belief component of meditation practices is poorly described in the literature and Outcome measures. Physiological functions, particularly cardiovascular outcomes, were the it is unclear in what way and to what extent spirituality and belief play a role in the successful most frequently reported outcome of interest in meditation research. The amount of variation in the described frequency and duration of outcomes related to clinical events and health status, cognitive and neuropsychological functions, practice make it difficult to draw generalizations about the training requirements for meditation and healthcare utilization outcomes have also been evaluated in studies of meditation practices. The criteria for successful meditation practice have also not been described well in the literature. The studies were published between 1956 and 2005, with A few studies of overall poor methodological quality were available for each comparison in ® half of the studies published after 1994. Overall, we found the methodological quality of meditation research to pressure in hypertensive patients; Yoga did not produce clinical or statistically significant effects be poor, with significant threats to validity in every major category of quality measured, in blood pressure when compared to nontreatment; Zen Buddhist meditation was no better than regardless of study design. Yoga was no randomization, blinding, withdrawals, and concealment of treatment allocation. Observational better than physical exercise to reduce body weight in patients with cardiovascular disorders. Acem meditation, Ananda Marga, concentrative prayer, and Cayce’s meditation have been The results of the three highest quality trials (Jadad score = 3/5) examining, respectively, examined less frequently. It includes a heterogeneous group of techniques such as Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, meditation pratices. Finally, less than 5 percent of the studies on meditation have failed to substance abuse patients. The poor methodological quality of the trials limits the strength of inference regarding receive any intervention. The vast majority of observational studies used comparison groups the observed treatment effects reported in this review. The lack of description of the methods of consisting of individuals that had not been exposed to any type of meditation practice. Evidence on the Role of Effect Modifiers for the Practice of on a working definition of meditation applicable to a heterogeneous group of practices. Another Meditation area of future inquiry consists of systematically comparing the effects of different meditation practices that research shows have promise. Special attention to the appropriate selection of The role of patient or meditation characteristics as effect modifiers in the practice of controls is also paramount and future research should be directed toward investigating the unique meditation is a topic that has so far been neglected in the scientific literature. In addition, more research should systematically examined factors such as dose, duration, or other specific features of meditation be done on the “dose response” of meditation practices to determine appropriate study durations as moderators of the effects on outcomes. A few studies conducted exploratory post is recommended that these study designs be avoided in future research on the effectiveness of hoc analyses (i. Researchers should aim to employ designs and analytic strategies that intended to be hypothesis generating. No conclusions on the role of effect modifiers can be optimize the ability to make causal inferences (in some cases this may require the use of drawn from the analysis of the individual studies. Future studies would benefit from using larger samples appropriately examine this issue. The physiological and neuropsychological effects of meditation practices were evaluated in 311 studies. Meta-analysis revealed that the most consistent and strongest physiological effects of meditation practices in Conclusions healthy populations occur in the reduction of heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol. There is also some The field of research on meditation practices and their therapeutic applications is beset with evidence from before-and-after studies to support the hypothesis that certain meditation practices uncertainty. The therapeutic effects of meditation practices cannot be established based on the decrease visual reaction time, intraocular pressure, and increase breath holding time. A clear most of the studies suffered from methodological problems that may result in overestimations of conceptual definition of meditation is required and operational definitions should be developed. Particularly, the The lack of high-quality evidence highlights the need for greater care in choosing and describing lack of a concurrent control group in the before-and-after studies results in an inability to control the interventions, controls, populations, and outcomes under study so that research results may for temporal trends, regression to the mean, and sensitivity to methodological features. Firm conclusions on the effects of meditation practices in healthcare cannot be drawn meditation practices should be interpreted cautiously. It is imperative that future studies on meditation practices be The very small number of trials available for each comparison precluded testing for rigorous in the design, execution, analysis, and reporting of the results publication bias. Introduction and Background investigators would agree that meditation implies a form of mental training that requires either stilling or emptying the mind, and that has as its goal a state of “detached observation” in which practitioners are aware of their environment, but do not become involved in thinking about it. All Meditation has been a spiritual and healing practice in some parts of the world for more than 1 types of meditation practices seem to be based on the concept of self-observation of immediate 5,000 years. The word “meditation” is derived from the Latin “meditari,” which means “to psychic activity, training one’s level of awareness, and cultivating an attitude of acceptance of engage in contemplation or reflection. Historically, religious or spiritual aims were intrinsic to any form of meditation. These 2 Meditation is an umbrella term that encompasses a family of practices that share some traditional practices held some type of spiritual growth, enlightenment, personal transformation, 3 distinctive features, but that vary in important ways in their purpose and practice. During the last 40 years, the practice of specificity of the concept of meditation precludes developing an exhaustive taxonomy of meditation has become increasingly popular and has been adapted to the specific interests and meditation practices. However, in order to systematically address the question of the state of orientation of Western culture as a complementary therapeutic strategy for a variety of health- 2,4 research of meditation practices in healthcare, we must attempt to identify the components that related problems. Both secular forms of meditation and forms rooted in religious and spiritual are common to the many practices that are claimed to be meditation or that incorporate a systems have increasingly attracted the interest of clinicians, researchers, and the general public, meditative component, and also clearly distinguish meditation practices from other therapeutic and have gained acceptance as important mind-body interventions within integrative medicine and self-regulation strategies such as self-hypnosis or visualization and from other relaxation (the combination of evidence-based conventional and alternative approaches that address the techniques that do not contain a meditative component. With an estimated Meditation practices may be classified according to certain phenomenological characteristics: 10 million practitioners in the United States and hundreds of millions of practitioners 5 the primary goal of practice (therapeutic or spiritual), the direction of the attention (mindfulness, worldwide, meditation was the first mind-body intervention to be widely adopted by concentrative, and practices that shift between the field or background perception and experience mainstream healthcare providers and incorporated into a variety of therapeutic programs in 3,14 6,7 and an object within the field ), the kind of anchor employed (a word, breath, sound, object or hospitals and clinics in the United States and abroad. Like other complex and multifaceted therapeutic interventions, meditation practices involve a mixture of specific and vaguely defined characteristics, and they can be practiced on their own or in Definition and Types of Meditation conjunction with other therapies. As pointed out by many authors, any attempt to create a 17 taxonomy of meditation only approximates the multidimensional experience of the practices. Meditation has been characterized in many ways in the scientific literature and there is no consensus definition of meditation. This diversity in definitions reflects the complex nature of the practice of meditation and the coexistence of a variety of perspectives that have been adopted Meditation Practices as a Part of Healing and Healthcare to describe and explain the characteristics of the practice. Therefore, we recognize that any single definition limits the practice artificially and fails to account for important nuances that 8 The interest in meditation practices as healing strategies comes with the need to acquire a distinguish one type of meditation from another. Meditation include traditional belief-based practices and those that have been developed specifically for use practices have been advocated as mind-body treatments for health-related problems and as in clinical settings. Using a systematic approach based on consensus techniques, they defined methods to attain or maintain general wellness.

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  • Weight loss or loss of appetite
  • The amount swallowed
  • Leg cramps
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Complete blood count
  • Disinfectants
  • Pneumonia

Functonal balance and dual-task reacton tmes in older adults are improved by virtual reality and biofeedback training generic permethrin 30 gm with mastercard skin care coconut oil. Magnetc and Electromagnetc Field Therapy: Basic Principles of a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome effective 30gm permethrin acne vitamins, Biofeedback Self Regulaton 18:125-32 generic 30gm permethrin skin care routine for oily skin. Rosch and microwave radiaton with a giant peak power on biological structures (malignant tumors). Stress Inoculaton Training: Efects of Anxiety, Self-Efcacy, and Performance • Norris,P. Andrew Kozel, Xingbao Li, Kaori Yamanaka, Alexander Mishory, Sarah Hill, and Daryl E. Bioelectromagnetc hemispheric slow cortcal potentals and its efect on word processing. In: Alternatve Medicine— Expanding Medical Horizons, A Report to the Natonal Insttutes of Health on Alternatve Medical Practces in the United States. A neural network base technique for muscle coordinaton and vertcal jump height predicton. These were very rigorous sessions with important business people, including Victor’s friends and colleagues of esteemed sports physician Dr. They were all “friendly” contacts that were presented as practce for Adam and me, prior working with Dr. The Shanghai partcipants included top-class sports medicine doctors, cardiologists, Nutriton professors, surgeons, plus several high-level industrialists and business owners. The Chinese doctors were skeptcal, but they were used to words and concepts of subtle energies such as Chi. They stll had no knowledge of electronics and did not want to admit or confront their lack of knowledge, just the same as the typical western doctor. Terms like “diagnosis, testng, This is not how I personally prefer to present the technology because of the risks associated with treatment, therapy, etc” were not fltered as rigorously as they are in the West for three reasons: having to be (pre-)diagnostcally correct according to conventonal thinking. Li was not interested in semantcs successfully built momentum this way prior to my involvement. We contnued to be successful during this entre project, which I consider a testament to the relevancy of the device’s results. We were advised that the legalites were diferent in China, allowing us the use of these terms. Plus, Chinese doctors are slightly more accustomed to practces involving subtle energies and “chi. Afer the frst few group sessions, Adam and I split into two rooms and each During sessions, there was an opportunity to further discuss the biofeedback system as a demoed approximately 5-6 partcipants each day (not including observers) for the rest of the probabilistc forecastng system versus “diagnostc. According to Victor, we were “95%” efectve in identfying relevant concerns and convincing predictng reactvity, stress responses, and wellness paterns as a form of “pre-diagnosis. In Shanghai, they were testng our ability to discover relevant informaton from each partcipant’s Many of these partcipants were not initally cooperatve. Some were very interested, and history, including chief complaint(s), without an intake interview. Most partcipants did not understand that there were use a few therapies while the translator occupied his atenton for several minutes. No questoning was allowed prior to testng, because from “looking for a fght” to his current state of calm, and segued into a talk about the benefts they wanted to see if the device/practtoners could deliver accurate informaton without any of this type of efectve stress reducton for athletes, he laughed and immediately acknowledged inital inputs. It was Proposal, February 2008 also, in my opinion, a beter way to demonstrate both the testng and correctve aspects of the Dr. I was asked to help with system, as well as the “stress reducton” element, which is important for maintaining consistency this. These artcles served their purpose once translated and formated appropriately for the Chinese Formal Group Presentatons—We delivered formal presentatons to a group of approx. This was an exceedingly difcult project, due to many factors; including, emotonal intensity, (Cornell) trained public health businesspeople. I feel privileged to have The results of this trip, based on Victor’s very critcal judgment was 95% positve. This subjectve been invited to start the summer of, and knowing that Adam and eventually other practtoners judgment was likely based on the feedback from partcipants and whether or not they were would be taking over, I did my best to create a project that could be easily duplicated by other satsfed that our assessments provided accurate informaton. Some were very The project began very quickly with consensus-building amongst physicians and sport ofcials. A 95% success rate in capturing atenton and interest Once consistently positve feedback was received by Dr. Mah, and the group of our medical with partcipants of this stature and scientfc dispositon was an incredible result! Items measured include organs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, toxicity, allergy, herbs, Many injured and sick athletes were run on the device. Using the same system, stress responses that are expressed and measured were run on our device. But these were in categories not supposed to do well in the Olympics, or electrically can be automatcally re-trained without necessary conscious involvement by the they were injured or sick. With including nutritonal supplementaton, massage, acupuncture, and standard medical methods as biological factors such as hydraton, oxidaton, power and muscle functon more stabilized, the directed by the athlete’s physician. The device especially deals with muscular reeducaton and restoring peak muscle performance. Many of the athletes who were about to be removed from the team were placed back into performance. Many athletes ranked signifcant results and performance improvements that warrant atenton and further research below the top 50 won medals in their areas. The system calibrates to the individual, measures reactvity to the virtual photon felds of over 10,000 In this review of science and sports research, we can see that the validity of energetc medicine is 162 163 tissue injured not only incredibly valid but the ignorance of this art is completely unjustfed. The prejudice of the pharmaceutcal companies against such energetc techniques lies in their cognitve dissonance against admitng their ignorance of electrical terminology and a lack of a modern scientfc analysis of the body human which is a body electric. The prejudice against homosexuality, freedom of thought and perspectves is incredible. The modern sciences of quantum physics, and electronics need to be applied not just to the technology of measuring the body, but to the physiology of the body’s workings. The sports medical world among the entre medical world is ignorant for ignoring such research as presented in this paper. Ego, cognitve dissonance, sour grapes, and fear of humiliaton should not be the lead in science. Science should be the pursuit of knowledge not the pursuit of funding or fear of persecuton. Sports medicine might be the way to further this, because some people want to win not just to conform. And thus there is the motvaton to overcome the fear and ignorance to stop ignoring energetc medicine. We are made of atoms and atoms are made almost exclusively of electrons, protons and neutrons. None of us can in any way perceive this simple truth presented to us in 5th grade. We live in the false belief that there is solid fesh in our bodies, when we know that it is not true.

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