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In this model—a species of neorealism —quantum enttes actually possess atributes experiment in space discount valsartan 160 mg visa heart attack jim jones. The inevitable disturbance of the quantum system by lighthouse shoots photons to Betelgeuse and Earth fve hundred light-years apart buy valsartan 80 mg lowest price hypertension 2 symptoms. Such leisurely P measurements would permit much thought to the mater take refuge in some vague disturbance model of reality order valsartan mastercard hypertension 95th percentile. For several informaton on how distant P meters were set to leak between Earth and Betelgeuse at sublight years I avoided thinking about the quantum reality queston by supposing that a disturbance speed (carried perhaps in the gossip of interstellar tourists)—informaton which could allow most model of some kind was sufcient to account for the strange quantum facts. To change a calcite this fast in the lab means switching its of some intrinsic Green photon atribute. This means that even if quantum theory should someday fail, its successor the facts. When quantum theory joins the ranks of phlogiston, caloric, and the We obviously need to be more sophistcated in our choice of possible worlds. Upon measurement, atributes do emerge but they are a joint possession partcular experiment. In such a rainbow reality (called "local contextual"), atributes are not some nonlocality everywhere 678 679 innate to an entty but change when the conditons of observaton change. Although no one has ever seen or suspected a single non-local phenomenon, Bell proves Like apple world, rainbow world is neither inconceivable nor illogical. It is simply, on account of its conclusively that the world behind phenomena must be non-local. Up in his sky, Joe sees a rainbow proves it, invoking the clarity and power of mathematcal reasoning. On the other side of the same sun lies a counter-Earth, where Suzie Blue watches another rainbow in her counter-sky. Suzie is not aware of this change—one random array looks prety much like any other—but this change actually happens whether she notces it or not. From arguments based on phenomena alone (no appeal to hidden atributes) local reality. The most important argument in the world of science today is the clash between the people that believe in a Non-Local Universe versus those that believe in a Local Universe. A subspace shared dimension of a mathematcal convergence of mult-dimensional interactons in and past the tenth dimension. Local people believe in the direct push pull, cause and efect acton, and they do not believe in With this stll shared existance perspectve things can happen simultaneously, not faster than the power of the mind to efect things at a distance without a direct connecton. They know that there is a power of the mind to efect things and a level scheme based on these deep quantum connectons. Now this theroem has been proved with technology where in Switzerland researchers have Step 1. Every race of succeeded in instantaneous twin photon communicaton over vast distances. The sour grapes and twistng deceptve ratonalizaton that scientst have towards this proof are but a defense mechanism that scientst use for their cognitve dissonance of being humiliated The Bible, Koran, Bagavad Gita, the analects, and all of the religious beliefs are flled with every at being wrong. Stories of psychic the confict of Non-Local versus Local there would be landslide 99. The small ,09% of the people who believe in a Local universe, however have manipulated themselfs but the scientst stll hold fast. All we need is one white crow, and there are forty nine billion staring into supreme power. Quantum Theory : Physicists were shocked when they found that a very small quantc can hide an inconvienient truth. This was called the observer efect and thus the a new idea in science to succeed all of the scientsts with the old idea must die. When we all start to laugh at the scientst who resist new mind had to ratonalize and twist away from this truth. Scientsts can But the proof existed non the less and science was changed, although the Geeks have been able to be very insecure. Proof of the powers of the mind, but stll the Geeks Jesus taught us that the Meek will inherit the Earth. Paper pushing, picayune, pety minds that over analyze and over regulate our lives. Fractal complexity has shown that reductonism is now no longer a valid process of examining complex situatons. Geeks do use this type of analysis we can see that a small change might produce a large change. They want to stop anyone from learning of the known as the ‘Buterfy Efect” and it allows for the powers of the mind. They do not want a message about the powers of the mind, the seeds of sin in the mind, or the ability to transcend. This basic theorem of Quantum Electro Dynamics has shown that twin photons can have instantaneous efects on each other even when light years apart. The Geek mind stll resist admitng that • “Mind, Mater and Quantum Mechanics”, Henry P. Afer over a decade of research on • “Measurement Understood through the Quantum Potental Approach”, David Bohm and Basil the efects of the mind in a prestgious American university Princeton, there is undeniable proof Hiley. The evidence is astounding for it’s quality and quantty • Physics and Philosophy, Werner Heisenberg. The disbelievers always get test results that deny the proof: The hypothesis of our theory Jersey, 2006. This means that those who disbelieve or scof at the theory will • „The Promorpheus”, W. Nelson, Original text published in 1992 as the Quantum Biology by the only be able to get tests results that confrm there own disbelief. On the Nature of Hamiltonian for the Interacton The Geek mind is simply unable to admit that the Geek mind was wrong or is there a much more of Radiaton with Atoms and Molecules: (e/mc)p. The resistance to acceptng the powers of the mind is great, in fact it is too great. These critcs will ofen shake and fush and get over compassionate in their atempt to dispel the powers of the mind. Their actons and reactons are so contrived and insecure that they cause wonder that perhaps there is an ulterior motve. Is there perhaps a plan to keep the powers of the mind away from the general public. For the small minded Geek, fear of humiliaton and thus loss of futre standing and funding is much stronger than the persuit of truth.

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Hydroxyurea is the safer of the two drugs and an oncogenic growth factor purchase 160mg valsartan visa hypertension yoga poses, although the mechanism by which it stimulates most studies have suggested an improved survival compared with busulphan valsartan 40 mg generic blood pressure medication morning or evening. It is have survived an average of 3 to 7 years buy cheap valsartan 40 mg line heart attack bar, although survivals exceeding 20 years are reported. Dosage regimens vary but dose The greatly increased white cell component compared with the normal escalation is often limited by side-effects including fever and other flu-like symptoms. Few clinicians perform allogeneic transplants in patients over 50 years old and only 30% of patients will Patients usually present in chronic phase. In younger Splenomegaly is the most common physical finding and is often marked causing pain, bloating and satiety. Autologous bone marrow or peripheral blood and thrombocytopenia are not normally features of chronic phase and infection and haemorrhage are rare. For patients over 40 years or younger patients lacking a family for more intense treatment to control splenic size and white cell count. The Advanced disease blood film shows an increase in morphologically normal myeloid cells at all stages of differentiation but with In the accelerated phase and blast crisis options are limited. Blast crisis can be treated with the cornbination chemotherapy regimens nucleated red cells may be present. Indeed, in up to three-quarters of cases the diagnosis is made by chance on a routine blood count. Where problems do arise, patients most commonly complain of symptoms of anaemia, lymphadenopathy, unusually persistent or severe infections, and weight loss. The most frequent findings on examination are lymphadenopathy (60%) and splenomegaly (25%). In more advanced cases other tissues such as skin, the gastrointestinal tract, the central nervous system, lungs, kidneys and bone may be infiltrated by leukaemic cells. Occasionally there is transformation into a poorly differentiated large cell lymphoma which carries a poor prognosis (Richter syndrome). The diagnosis is made by proving that the lymphocytosis is a proliferation of clonal B-cells; this is most simply demonstrated by using in situ or flow cytometry techniques to show that the cells have characteristic B-lymphocyte 164 165 antigens and that a single immunoglobulin light chain (kappa or lambda) exists on Radiotherapy can be used as palliation, particularly where enlarged lymph nodes or spleen cause compressive the cell surface (i. In patients with increased numbers of small lymphocytes and a trephine biopsy is worthwhile as the hypogammaglobulinaemia and recurrent infections, regular intravenous immunoglobulin has been shown to be well pattern of lymphocyte infiltration gives prognostic information. Immunoglobulin levels should be checked to assess the degree potentially curative but experience is currently limited. The condition is usually associated with the appearance of large granular lymphocytes in the peripheral blood, neutropenia and splenomegaly. It is a relatively benign disorder although a few cases transform to a more malignant form. The easiest method is the Binet adaptation of the previous Rai system; this is simple to apply and Chronic lymphatic leukaemia correlates closely with survival. Early treatment may slow progress but does not improve survival and can lead to significant side-effects including other neoplasms, and the emergence of resistant disease. When the disease is early, they particularly need reassurance of its relatively benign nature. Choice of treatment In general, treatment should be commenced when the patient develops significant symptoms, when the disease is progressing rapidly or when it is already at an advanced clinical stage. This is given orally and is probably better tolerated given intermittently than continuously. Prednisolone may be added but, in view of the multiple side-effects of steroids, it is better reserved for patients with pancytopenia, autoimmune haemolysis or thrombocytopenia. A new class of drugs, the purine analogues, are already the treatment of choice where conventional treatment fails. The optimum agent appears to be fludarabine, which gives complete or partial remission in approximately half of previously treated patients. Major side-effects include initial worsening of neutropenia and systemic symptoms such as pyrexia, lethargy and depression. Following cessation, the disease normally slowly relapses but it will often respond to reintroduction of the drug. The disease constitutes 2% of all leukaemias, occurs worldwide, rapid clinical responses with a reduced relapse rate compared with interferon. Thus, in addition to characteristic B-cell antigens, the cells show a high density of surface immunoglobulin and clonal rearrangements of both heavy and light chain immunoglobulin genes. Infection, the main cause of morbidity and mortality, and bleeding are other possible presentations. The spleen is the probable site of origin of the Clinical features and diagnosis malignant clone and splenomegaly is found in over 80% of cases. The characteristic blood abnormality is a marked lymphocytosis (normally greater than 100 x 109/l). Prolymphocytes are large cells recognised by their condensed nucleus with a single prominent nucleolus surrounded by abundant cytoplasm. Neutropenia is often particularly marked accounting for the frequency of infection. Most patients are elderly and the disease is frequently refractory to chemotherapy. The bone marrow is normally difficult to aspirate because of increased fibrosis; the Palliation of symptoms is the usual priority. Options include splenic irradiation, splenectomy and leucapheresis to trephine will show a variable number of infiltrating hairy cells. Where splenectomy is performed, the sinuses and control the high white cell count. In the most acute form presentation is with a This is most helpful in patients with significant splenomegaly and limited bone marrow involvement. The malignant cells in the blood are pleomorphic but often have very irregular polylobulated provides rapid palliation and improves survival. Even within the leukaemic group there is great heterogeneity with chronic and smouldering forms. Where tolerated, treatment should be 168 169 from Sezary syndrome, a lymphoproliferative disorder with circulating T-cells and skin changes including erythroderma and exafoliative dermatitis. Their common feature is that the clone of cells derived from an abnormal stem cell Management maintains the capacity to differentiate, but this Treatment has been unsatisfactory and the median survival less than one year. Acute forms are frequently resistant to conventional high grade bone marrow and peripheral blood cytopenia. The zidovudine is a novel treatment which may give responses where chemotherapy has failed. The chronic and ineffective haematopoiesis also causes characteristic smouldering - leukaemia forms can run a protracted course but eventually transform to an acute phase. Skin lesions morphological abnormalities in the marrow and blood which may be helped by extracorporeal photochemotherapy.

Build Fiber 4 buy valsartan australia blood pressure bottoming out,7mg 0 4mg 3 cheap valsartan online american express blood pressure 14080,4mg your meal around the vegetables and make all meats a side dish order valsartan 80mg with mastercard blood pressure 78 over 48. Phytochemicals very high 0 very high very high From not exercising their digestve tract. If they tried to walk a mile like a litle child he says “I can’t Mommy, I am not able to walk, carry me” but the wise mother says “exercise and you will Antoxidants very high 0 very high very high get stronger, I will help but you will push to get stronger and more healthy”. I say take one drop of vegetable juice in a swimming pool of water and drink a glass a day. B2 0,71mg 0,04mg 0,45mg 0,32mg Then I take the litle whining stupid litle babies by the ear and tell them to die in a pool of their own blood and piss. The word of God is the healing of the natons will come from the leaves of the Niacin 2,8mg 1,1mg 2,2mg 2,1mg feld. I will not put up with whinny, selfsh litle stupid patents’ who have no maturity or care of self or others. Zinc 1,04mg 1,2mg 1,2mg gm 0,55mg I can show them how to have meats( in weekly dose), sugar sweets (from fructose), have taste Vitamin C 350mg 0 100mg 329mg (with spices), and how to exercise. When they whine and cry taking a tantrum or go and pout in the corner, or worse yet lie to me and thus to themselves. I have made this book to help them to live another year, have another Christmas, see their child graduate, live. Cholesterol 0 5,5mg 0 0 Afer a month or so on the new diet the taste buds will acclimate and the old foods will lose their appeal. Tools gave the hunter a way to get meat and fre a way to 96 97 Meats in your Diet Humans were once complete herbivores. Amino acids can be found in plants, but for humans no one plant provides all of the amino acids we need. So we must use a variety of plants and to be a complete vegetarian it takes skill to mix plants to get the amino acids. Burnt compounds are carcinogenic whether they are inhaled into the lungs like smoke, or on a food taken into the digestve tract. If we had to catch an animal for lunch with just our bodies we would mostly starve. We cannot run fast enough, swim fast enough or jump high enough to feed our families without weapons. Afer the recent inventon of weapons (15,000 years ago) humans have developed a sense to eat meat. The Price Potenger Insttute of San Diego is designed to show the power of the work of these two men. Price showed that degeneratve disease is relatvely unknown in societes where they do not have dextrose sugar and cooking. The Eskimos of the north have no dental problems of degeneratve disease tll cooking and dextrose sugar are put into their diet. It turns out that the cooking and the smoke are the leading carcinogenic compounds. In Japan where Shabu Shabu (cooking only in boiled water) was found to limit disease. Str fry cooking or just simple minimal cooking was shown to also decrease degeneratve disease. The diseases of parasites, injury, and infectons need to be controlled to limit disease in general. Since animals have the amino acids locked in their proteins, we can get the amino acids by eatng animal fesh. A gorilla has an identcal digestve system to us, he is 600 lbs and can throw a car. And if someone craves meat, a handful of bean sprouts will usually satsfy them in about 15 min. Learn what other meats and alternatves are available for you to eat that and cholesterol. Most of the healthier meats will be white meats or red system is not designed to take in large quanttes of meat. You can also use meat and disobey the rules of the stomach we make everything worse. How To Eat the Healthy Alternatives, make meat the second dish to serve at a meal. It helps you feel beter, helps your body’s immune system Instead of a side vegetable, use meat as a side dish. You have more energy, beter concentraton and a heightened overall sense of wellbeing. If you are like many other Americans, your meat diet probably includes higher fat Start with hamburger. The easiest way to make a modifcaton here is to use a leaner organic type meats, such as diferent types of red meat. If the meat you currently use for hamburger is 75%/25% lean, switch to 90%/10% lean. If you were going to make spaghet and meatballs with hamburger, try using veal or lamb instead. Step 3 If you can’t do away totally with your hamburger, eat it in less quanttes and mix it with other things. Instead of making a veggie burger with no meat, try mixing in vegetables with the hamburger to make it healthier. Just be careful not to add too many seafood dishes with a high cholesterol content, like shrimp and lobster. Your best bet is to eat lots of white Difculty: Moderate fsh, such as haddock, pollock and cod. Step 5 How to Distinguish Between High-Fat Meats and Healthy Alternatives Take any meal you used to eat and switch the meat from a higher fat one to a leaner alternatve. If you used to eat meatloaf and mashed potatoes, make a meatloaf with chicken instead. Like bologna, lunch meats, Hot dogs, sausage, any meats using nitrites and or nitrates to make into a congealed package. For lunch, instead of that Philly steak sandwich, try just having a large garden 2. Step 7 Avoid excess faty meats and meats raised in toxic areas with too many chemicals. Organic meats If you are stll hungry afer the salad and bread, add soup to the meal. Step 8 If you run out of ideas, look for cookbooks that deal with healthy alternatves to red meat. You can ofen get discounts on book purchasing by joining rewards programs at bookstores, such as by joining Borders Rewards at Border’s Bookstore. There are many essental nutrients and minerals found in these meats that aren’t available elsewhere in your diet.

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