This year, on World Health Day, take a healthy walk with Nilon’s.

We love to encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating, but eating healthy isn’t always about the vegetables. Of course vegetables are a very important part of your dietary intake, and one stick of celery a couple of times a week isn’t doing you any good. What most people fail to understand is that you can continue to eat healthy, without sacrificing on taste. Getting your daily nutritional value is what health is all about.

Nilon’s brings to you a whole range of quality products, which are also healthy for you.

Pasta: Most of you may think pasta is all carbs and is unhealthy, but have you ever wondered why the Italians look so fit and have healthy glowing skin? It isn’t about the carbs after all, is it? Nilon’s makes pasta from durum wheat semolina, which is the topmost quality of wheat. If this isn’t quality healthy eating, we don’t know what is! Psst it’s also absolutely delicious!

Tooty Fruity: The kids will pester you for these delicious colourful candied bits, and you may be worried for their teeth, and how much sugar they’ll be consuming, but did you know that Nilon’s Tooty Fruity is made mostly of papaya cubes? Papaya is the best source of dietary fibre and aids in digestion. Stock up on your tooty fruity, it’s so healthy! Nilon’s is proud to be the largest papaya based candied food producer in the world.

Vermicelli: Desserts are unhealthy. This is what has been ingrained in us ever since time immemorial, but again, this isn’t true. It depends on what desserts you make and how you make them. Nilon’s vermicelli made from high quality durum wheat, gives you the best there is! Try your Nilon’s vermicelli desserts for a higher nutritional value and for a healthier dish.

Spices: Nilon’s is best at keeping away from adulterated foods of all kind. The spices we make are made up of the most pure and authentic ingredients available. Providing you health with quality, Nilon’s promises to do its bit to give you a healthier lifestyle.

Check out all the Nilon’s products, you’re sure to have a healthier year! Until the next World Health Day, be sure to keep to keep on your toes as well.