Contrary to the famous 1952’s musical, not everyone goes out “singing in the rain”. In fact, most people prefer sitting by their windows, watching the rain pour down and sipping on a cup of hot tea. After all, who would choose getting drenched to the bone when they can stay warm indoors while gorging on their favorite comfort foods? So if you find yourself stuck at home on a dreadfully rainy day, don’t be disappointed. Pull out your blanket and snuggle up with a loved one or your pet and tuck into some rainy day comfort food.

1. Soup

Whether it’s vegetable or chicken, soup has a magical way of making you feel all warm and cozy inside when it’s chilly outdoors. It’s not just a comfort food, but is rather versatile as well because it can appeal to different palates. You can pick from a Chinese soup or go more local with an Indian shorba or opt for an international stew, depending on your preference. Soups allow you to tweak the recipe in various ways so it appeals to your taste buds. In addition to this, soups are high in nutrition and can be enjoyed with various side dishes like croutons, salad and bread sticks.

2. Pakoras

A classic snack almost anywhere in the country, pakoras definitely top the list of comfort rainy day foods. Pakoras or bajiyas, as they are alternatively called, can be made with just about anything from potatoes to paneer, cauliflower to brinjal and a lot more. This gives you the freedom to experiment with your preferred choice of veggies. And if you’re worried about cheating on your diet when indulging in this scrumptious snack, you can try baking instead of frying. Accompany your pakoras or bhajiyas with a cup of chai, and you’re all set for a rainy evening.

3. Sandwiches

Like soups, sandwiches are a great choice of snack because they are healthy and can be made to appeal to different tastes. They are easy and quick to prepare and can be made with veg or non-veg filling, depending on personal appeal. You can toast or grill them or simply use bread as it is. Sandwiches can be made with various spreads, cheeses and seasonings that you choose. The best thing about sandwiches is that they complement all kinds of hot beverages that make rainy evenings more enjoyable.

These three rainy day foods are simple and quick to make and can be altered to suit your taste perfectly thanks to the wide range of packet and bottle spices and mixes that are available.