organised kitchen

There is no doubt that a neat and well organized kitchen is the key to cooking faster and better. When you do not have to rummage through cabinets and drawers for the cooking tools you need, you are less stressed out, making it easier and faster to cook everyday meals. Here are some simple and quick tips to organize your kitchen, making it the perfect workspace.

Throw out unnecessary things

The first step to organizing your kitchen is getting rid of unwanted and unnecessary stuff. It you have multiple kitchen tools of the same kind, give it away or store it somewhere where it will not be in the way. As for broken kitchen tools and other items that do not work, they belong in the trash. Avoid keeping unnecessary things around the kitchen and you will be surprised with the amount of space you will have.

Invest in cabinets and drawers

Another thing that you need to organize your kitchen is ample storage space- cabinets and drawers. A kitchen without these will not only be incomplete but will also be hard to work in. When you have adequate storage space for your kitchen appliances and tools, it reduces clutter. A good idea is to separate your kitchen items and store them in different cabinets. For instance, put the pots and pans in one cabinet, small kitchen appliances in another, seasonings and sauces in another and so forth.

Easy to reach storage

To make daily cooking quick and convenient, it is important to store the kitchen tools you use frequently in easy to reach locations. For instance, keep the ladles, tongs, spoons, forks and knives close to your kitchen counter so that you can reach them easily when cooking. Plates and bowls need to be close at hand as well and in this case a rack is a good way to store them. Ensure that infrequently used items are best put in the back of cabinets or on high shelves where they can be stored away until required.

Use containers and boxes 

These are extremely handy when it comes to storing all kinds of things from sachets sauces to masalas and condiments. It also makes access easy, ensuring cooking is made more hassle free. Boxes and containers also take up little space as they can be stacked in drawers and cabinets for added convenience.

While these tips can get you started on organizing your kitchen, you should ensure your kitchen stays  like this later on. So take some time, sort out your kitchen tools and re-arrange your storage based on your requirements. Also make sure you have the necessary dish cloths, towels and adequate cleaning supplies at reach for daily use. And do not forget to clean up as you go about your kitchen chores. This will ensure a well organized and sparkling kitchen.