One of the things that globe trotters indulge most in is the different kinds of food from various parts of the world. For some of the less fortunate, there are restaurants which serve authentic dishes from different cuisines so that people can experience the flavours of the world. Regardless of which it is there is no doubt that there are many world cuisines that can tickle your taste buds. Here are some of the most popular and loved cuisines from around the world.

Italian cuisine

It is perhaps one of the world’s oldest and most loved cuisines all over. Dating way back to the 4th century BC, the Italian cuisine is rich in ingredients and flavours. This is not a surprise, considering Italy is home to about 300 types of sausages and more than 400 types of cheese. The cornerstone of the Italian cuisine is pasta which is used as entrees and in main courses as well. It also includes fresh vegetables and a lot of herbs that give it a distinct scrumptiousness.

Spanish cuisine

This cuisine is greatly influences by the waters that surround it, which is why it contains a lot of fish. It also includes a variety of meats and vegetables, making it a well rounded cuisine. As compared to other Central and Western European cuisines, the Spanish use the most oil for cooking. The food also includes bread, rice, cheese, peppers and fruits that give it a distinctive taste. It is also a rather colourful cuisine which makes it a delight to the eyes and taste buds.

French cuisine

Known for its refined cooking techniques, the French cuisine is more of an art and is by far one the richest and most preferred world over. Cheese and wine play a huge role in the French cuisine as does pastries. The French cuisine has its roots in the culture which is one of the main reasons that even the simplest food is made with the most care. Modern French restaurants have refined classic dishes to make them more fitting for current times but without altering the flavours and textures of this classic cuisine.

Mexican cuisine

Influenced by the Spanish cuisine, the Mexican cuisine is famous for its spices and flavours. A lot of the Mexican food is a blend of the ancient Spanish, Aztec and Mayan traditions. This food involves a lot of beans, fresh vegetables and dips. The Mexican cuisine also has elements of the French like bolillo and sweet baked bread. Like the Spanish cuisine, this one is colourful and full of big flavours.

Japanese cuisine

Rapidly becoming a trend all over the world, the Japanese cuisine is known for its high quality ingredients and subtle, yet distinct flavours. Two of the most popular things you will find in this cuisine are soya beans and white rice. The use of fresh seafood and exotic vegetables and herbs make this cuisine interesting and delicious.

Apart from these, there are number of other cuisines from around the world like the Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Greek cuisine and Lebanese cuisine which offer mouth water delicacies thanks to use of exotic spices, meats, vegetables and a lot more.