Art is sublime, art is jovial. Food is tempting and fuels our body for a better working. Mix the two together and please your eyes along with your tummy.
Food art has been prevalent for ages, however recently with the DIY phase kicking in, it has become a common errand. The way food looks has a great impact on the pleasure of eating it. When put together like an art form, food has the ability to entice you to another level. With these easy tips make each dish look appetising and become every guest’s favourite host!
1) Always buy fresh food. Go through all the vegetables and fruits to make sure there aren’t any rotten bits or pieces.
2) Surf the internet or go through children’s art books for inspiration for an image you want to recreate. Always have a rough idea before you start.
3) Thoroughly wash your hands.
4) Keep scissors at hand.
5) Choose the food. Take help from the image to decide the colours and textures.
6) Never overcook the food. For a fresher look, blanch the vegetables for a while then put them in ice cold water.
7) Enjoy making the image. It does not have to look the exact same, something similar and recognisable is good.
8) Take help from your children. Defy the rule “don’t play with your food”.
9) Compose the image better by making it inside a frame. Use a tray, chopping board, baking sheet, or anything that will give you a frame to work with.
10) Once you’re done with the image, don’t forget to click a picture before eating it.

Food that looks good tastes good. We can only image what your masterpiece will taste like!