Natural Cleaning Supplies

Your kitchen is a wonder space not just for satiating your love for food, but also for removing the dirt and grime on your clothes. The ingredients from your kitchen can come in handy for stain-free clothes. So keep doing frequent rounds in your kitchen to Eat healthy and look ravishing with stain-free clothing.

Our brand ambassador Mrs Nita Mehta brings to you 10 easy tips to remove stains on clothes with kitchen products:

  1. Pan Stains – Rub eating chuna paste on the stains and rub, then wash as usual
  2. Haldi stains- Rub the spot of haldi with soap and little water. Do not wash, let it dry. Then wash, the stain will come out
  3. Chewing Gum – Rub with ice and easily remove gum
  4. Ink stains – Soak the stain in milk for some time. Another way to remove ink stain is to rub sour curd on the stain, wait till stain disappears and then wash away. Yet another way is to soak them in a solution of lime juice and salt for a few minutes before washing
  5. Grease or Oil stain – Put tacum powder on the stain as soon as possible. Leave for sometime. Then iron the stain by keeping blotting paper above and below the stain
  6. Lipstick on collars – Rub a little glycerin and leave it for a while for removing lipstick stains
  7. Ice-cream stains – Wash the clothes with water, apply a little borax powder. Keep for 5 minutes and wash off
  8. Perspiration stains: Add a couple of aspirins to the water while washing to remove perspiration stains
  9. For washing clothes whose color runs – soak them in detergent with 1-2 tsp Borax powder. The colors will not coat one another. Or soak in detergent with 2-3 tsp vinegar and 2-3 tsp salt.
  10. Dirty shirt cuffs and collars – Rub talcum powder on them till it forms a thick coating and leave it overnite. Wash as usual the next day and watch the dirt come off easily