spring onion soup

Soups for the Cold Winters – Spring Onion and Potato Soup
What’s better than having a bowl of hot soup in the chilly winter evenings? A hot bowl of delicious healthy soup delights you and acts as an appetiser to enjoy the sumptuous meal ahead. If you dread going out of the house in the freezing cold to shop for veggies needed for most soups, take Mrs Nita Mehta suggestion. She shares with us a unique concoction from the most popular and all time stocked veggies at home – Onion and Potato.
Basic Ingredients
1 spring onion – chopped up to the greens
1 potato chopped
8-10 peppercorns – full kali-mirch
½ piece ginger chopped
1 Tsp salt
4 cups water
Other ingredients
1 cup milk
½ tsp butter
2 tsp lemon juice
2-3 almonds roasted and thinly sliced for garnishing
1. Boil all the basic ingredients in a pan. After boiling keep it covered on low heat for about 15 mins till the potatoes turn soft.
2. Remove from fire. Strain and keep the liquid aside. Cool. Blend it to a puree with little liquid
3. Add the rest of the liquid and 1 cup milk to the puree. Keep on fire. Boil. Simmer on heat for 5-7 mins
4. Add lemon juice and salt to taste and butter if desired.
5. Serve hot with garnished greens of onion and some thinly sliced almonds.