Holi is a celebration of love and colour. It is a time for families, friends and the community to come together, and celebrate, spreading joy and oneness. This time of the season, every street corner and household is filled with people toting water guns and balloons, and spraying people with bright blue, green, pink, yellow and redgulaal.

Source: atchuup.com

But don’t let the title dampen your moods (pun intended)! Holi can be just as bright and joyous, while you’re being responsible. Unfortunately the statistics leave a lot to be hoped for.

  • It is surmised that on an average, people use up to 30 litres of water during each round of celebrations.
  • The droughts in the country are at an all-time high.
  • Huge tankers are dispatched to varied communities during the festival, just to be used up recklessly.

But you could do your fair share in reducing the pinch felt by such water wastage with a few simple steps:

  • Set an upper limit for how much water you want to use up during your celebrations and make sure you don’t cross that!
  • Chemical colours are harder to get off, so opt for organic colours which are easier to wash off.
  • Apply oil before stepping in for a bath (or lotion before the celebration). This ensures easier removal of colours, thus preventing excessive wastage of water during your shower.
  • Try avoiding water guns and balloons. Holi can be just as enjoyable without the added waste!
  • The darker the clothes, the easier to clean up.
  • Just as with the body, applying oil on the hair before the frolicking can help with easier removal of colour post celebration

Source: sakaaltimes.com

So have a colourful, waterless and responsible Holi and encourage friends and family to do the same!