Sewaiyan (Thin and roasted)


An ideal component for making delicious ‘Kheer’ – Nilon’s thinly roasted Sewaiyan with roasted nuts is what you are looking for after having a sumptuous meal.


Energy 365Kcal, Protein 9g, Carbohydrate 80g, Fat 1g, Sugar 0.3g, Saturated Fat 0.2g


Refined Wheat Flour

Easy to Use

Easy Step To Use Nilon’s Cut Sewaiyan Kheer:

  • Roast 100gms of Nilon’s Cut Sewaiyan with 20g (2tbsp) of ghee till golden brown color.
  • Add 1/2 ltr boiled milk and sugar as per your taste, then cook it on low flame for 10 to 15 minutes till cut Sewaiyan is fully cooked. Add cardamom and dry fruits then cook it for better taste.
  • Cut Sewaiyan kheer is ready for serving.

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