Onion Bhajji


For instant onion gratification Nilon’s offers the instant Onion Bhaji mix. Made from Bengal Gram Flour and Dehydraded Onion, this is a healthy mix you would like to have more and more.


NI: Per 100g Product ( Approximate) : Energy 320kcal Protein 13g, Fat: 4g, Carbohydrate :58g, Sugars :7g


Bengal Gram Flour, Dehydrated Onion (35%), Starch, Iodized Salt, Spices and condiment, Raising Agent (INS 500(i)

Easy to Use

  • Mix entire content of Nilon’s Onion Bhajii Mix with 180- 200ml water and set it aside for 15 minutes.
  • Heat oil, mix the batter properly and put tablespoon of batter individually and deep fry on medium flame till crispy and golden brown. Drain the excess oil.
  • Serve hot with fried green chillis, tomato sauce.