Medu Wada


The tasty, crunchy Indian donut also known as Medu Wada is a delight no one can resist. Nilon’s instant Medu wada mix can be had anytime you have a craving for a tasty snack.


NI: Per 100g Product ( Approximate) : Energy 354kcal, Protein :21g, Fat:6g, Carbohydrate:54g, Sugars:7g


ING : Black Gram Flour, Refined Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Fat, Iodize Salt, Acidity Regulaor ( INS 330), Raising Agent [INS 500(i)]

Easy to Use

  • Mix the entire content of Nilon’s Medu Vadai Mix with 230ml water to form a soft dough.
  • Make the Medu Vadais and deep fry on medium heat till crispy and golden brown.
  • Serve hot with sambar and coconut chuteny.