All your woes of making the tasty idli’s have been put to rest. Try Nilon’s instant Idli mix and breakfast will naturally become the most important meal of your day.


NI: Per 100g Product ( Approximate) : Energy 346.9kcal, Protein 18.5g, Fat 1.3g, Carbohydrate 65.3g, Sugars 0.14g


ING : Rice Flour, Urad Dal Flour ( Split Black Gram Flour), Iodized Salt Raiseing Agent [INS (ii)] and Acidity Regulators [INS 330, INS 2629i)]

Easy to Use

Easy Step To Use Idli:

  • Method to prepare Nilon’s Idli: Pour 200g Nilon’s Idli mixinto 320—35 ml water and mix properly to make lumps freepaste. Add 2tbsp. oil (30m|) to paste and now oil every potof Idli maker and pour idli paste into the pots. Cook this idli mix for 15minutes in steam and now NiLoN’s Idli is ready toserve with Chutney and sambhar. To enhance the tasteof Idli, kindly apply Pure ghee over it and then serve hot.
  • Method to pre re Fried Idli: Make Idli as per above given recipe an now fry these ready idli on hi h flame in oil. Now ried Idli is ready to serve hot with hutney or sauce.
  • Method to prepare Vegetable Idli: Make Idli aste as perthe reci given above & then mix your avorite cutvegetab es into the paste. Now cook vegetable idli as perinstruction given above. Your Vegetable idli is ready. You can serve vegetable idli with Chutney & Sambhar.