Garam Masala


Almost every tasty Indian dish asks for Garam Masala and Nilon’s Garam Masala is prepared to offer you a lip-smacking taste of spicy and flavour some goodness.


(Approximate value of 100g for Garam Masala):
Energy 297.4 Kcal, Protein 11.2g, Carbohydrate 35.7g, Sugar 3.2g, Total Fat 12.2g

Store in a Cool, Dry and Hygenic place. Best Before 15 Months From Packaging.


Cumin,Coriander(13%) Cassia Bark (Taj) (9%), Fennel (8%),Black Pepper (7%),Star Anise (6%), Cassia Leave (5%),Chilli, Edible Commom Salt, Fenugreek, leaves, Green Cardamom(2%) Cloves(2%), Dry Ginger, Balck Cardamom Dry,Mango,Stone Flower,Mint, Mace(0.3%), Nutmeh and Bishop Weeds.

Easy to Use

Easy Step To Use Garam Masala:

  • Prepare the Dal or Vegetables of your choice withusual spices in ghee or oil, as you normally prepare.
  •  Add 1 1/2 tbsp Nilon’s Garam Masala to 500 g Vegetable or 1 litre ready dal.
  •  Adjust according to quality and stir on low flame for 3 minutes.
  •  Keep covered atleast for 5 minutes.serve warm with rice or chapati.