Rusk Premium (Milk and Elaichi)


How you do make something already good better? By adding Milk and Elachi of course. Nilon’s Premium Rusk is made with Milk Solids blended with the sweet aroma of Elachi. Try it with chai for a divine experience.


NI Per 100gm Product ( approximate): Energy:465.36kcal, Protein:9.07g,Fat 16.40g, Carbohydrate;70.37g Sugars 15.86g


Refined Wheat Flour(70%), Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, Edible Vegetable Fat,Milk Solids(2%),Yeast , Edible Common Salt, Gluten, Emulsifier(INS471), Soya Flour, Improvers{INS92a, INs170(i), INS 1100} , Cardamom seeds,(0/1%), And Antioxidant (INS300)

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