Feeding a child is a task in itself. The constant running behind them must sure tire you, especially when the kids are fussy and you’ve run out of all tricks to feed them. We have a solution. These food art tricks will tempt your kids into finishing the healthiest of foods in a jiffy!

Things you will need:
2-4 slices of bread
Butter/Jam/Cheese spread
1-2 slices of Cheese
Black olives
Tofu (optional)
Fruits and vegetables of your choice
2-4 Toothpicks
A pair of scissors

Step 1
Using a pair of scissors, cut the slices of bread in a circular shape
Spread Jam, butter or cheese on the slices. Put two slices together to make a sandwich.

Step 2

With the help of a pair of scissors, cut an oval shaped cheese slice.
Place it on the lower edge of the sandwich, leaving some space at the bottom.
Step 3

Slice olives into two to make the eyes and nose. You can also place circular cut tofu pieces under the olives to give a better effect.
Take two whole olives, inserting toothpicks vertically, make the ears.
Step 4

Dice fruits and vegetables of your choice and serve them with the sandwich.

Step 5

Dish up the Beary-delicious sandwich in a cute container.

Tada! Make your kid happy.