Sweet Potato in Coconut – the Maharashtrian way

sweet potatoThese days many of us dread our favourite potato dish due to the fats, carbs and health issues. I have an alternative here, Sweet potato. When people are fasting they rush to stock up on sweet potatoes. I tried an experiment with sweet potatoes. Just replaced the potatoes from the most common dish; which is also savoured as the aloo bhaji in masala dosas. And the result was rewarding. Kids enjoyed the twist in taste and others loved it for the health benefits. Here’s the recipe for the quick dish.
On a non stick pan, heat oil.  Add 1 tea spoon of rai and jeera
Add 1 -2 slit green chilies
Add pre-boiled and cut sweet potato(1/2 kg)
Cook well on slow flame for 5 minutes only
Add salt and squeeze lime
Since everything is already cooked, it doesn’t take too long
Garnish with freshly grated coconut (and stir for 1min and then get it off the fire)
Garnish coriander leaves and you’re good to go!