Ajwain or Carom seeds have their possible origin in Egypt however, in the current times they are mostly cultivated in Iran and Northern India. In India, Rajasthan is the biggest producer of Ajwain and tops the chart at 55%. Ajwain is used as a spice and adds a sharp, pungent taste to the food. Nevertheless, along with its flavouring quality the seeds have a number of health benefits attached to them too.

1) Ajwain has wondrous effects on the problems of indigestion, gas and flatulence. Along with that, it enhances appetite too. Boil a spoon full of Ajwain in water, and drink it for an improved, flatulence-free life.

2) Ajwain is known to have appetite stimulating properties which fasten the bowel movement resulting in weight loss. Add Ajwain to your daily routine, and shed the extra pound, you have been cribbing about. Don’t forget to exercise, though!

3) Prepare a cup of Ajwain tea and say goodbye to that chronic cold, you have been suffering from. It is a must have during the monsoons.

4) Ajwain has numerous kidney related benefits, dissolving and curing of kidney stones is one of them. Consumption of Ajwain is more effective when accompanied with honey and vinegar.

5) Toothache and stomachache can also be treated with this magical seed. Plus, it has the power to regulate irregular menses.

6) Ajwain has inflammation reducing properties therefore; it is a great and instant remedy for hiccups. The thymol and niacin present in it help keep the heart healthy too.

Ajwain, though small in size, is a treasure when it comes to treating health related issues. This wonder drug strongly proves that size does not matter. Including it in your dietary habits can save you from frequent doctor visits.