Talk about healthy eating and we’re sure most of you just tune out. “Healthy? What’s that? Food is all about the butter, cheese, chocolate and well, basically everything fatty, isn’t it?” Eating healthy seems like a task for most, and we all shy away from it. However, the nutrients are vital, and fruits and veggies are a must. If we’re all about the jam and junk, how then are we meant to get our five a day?

Salads are a good way to start healthy living. Don’t get turned off already. Salads cans be very delicious, even for you carbs lovers. When you’re hungry, try switching it up a little. Cut up some veg, add a lot of leaves, and boil some chicken if you are so inclined. Sprinkle on some salad dressing and voila, your delicious meal is good to go. Secret tip for all you lazy ones out there: this is so much easier than cooking yourself a quick meal.

Next time you walk into a Subway, try a salad instead of a sub. It’s healthier than your sub will ever be, no matter how brown your bread claims to be. A lot of green, a lot of veggies and your meat of choice; healthier and, not to forget, absolutely delicious. The carbs are no good for you anyway. Your body wants and needs the greens.

Here a couple of popular, yet deliciously tasty, salads for all of you venturing out into the green world:

Caesar Salad:

For those of you under the impression that you need carbs to fill you up, we will still suggest a salad. The popular Caesar salad is a hot favourite for most, or shall we say cold favourite? The croutons in the salad satisfy your craving of bread and (junk lover to you) are the best part! This one has enough cheese so you don’t feel like a pretentious Beverly Hills housewife, and enough green to feel like you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Nicoise Salad:

The Nicoise salad is filling, fabulous and packed with veggies. If you love anchovies, the French made this one especially for you. The vinaigrette dressing adds just the right amount of tang to keep you on at the salad and finish each bite. Named after the native Nicoise olives that go into this salad, we can only ask you to try it once for this to become a regular in your meals.


This Lebanese salad has so many different flavours to it, yet it keeps it all together in an appetising way. Made with parsley, mint leaves and the regular veggies, Fattouch is dressed with a lot of lime. Some baked pita bread gives the salad it’s crunch. This crunchy sour salad is a hit with most that have tried it. Go on, give it a shot.

We’ll come back to you with more salads next time. And different types of greens too.The grass is always greener on the other side. Now walk to the other side. And EAT those greens!