Paneer should be named India’s national food. Everyone loves paneer and this spongy, milky bundle of joy goes well with every food. Be it in a wrap, coated with sugar or covered in rich gravy, paneer rocks the show. Ever wondered what we would do without paneer in our favourite dishes? Well, they wouldn’t be our favourite anymore.
Given below are a few Paneer recipes we are sure you have never tried before. What are you waiting for? Go ahead!

1) Paneer Lollipop- Grate and mash paneer. Add garlic, ginger, green chillies, Nilon’s soya sauce, onion, boiled and mashed potato, salt, coriander leaves and cornflour to it. Mix well. Make small balls of the mixture and pierce them into baby corn (cover the thicker side with the paneer balls) to make the stick for the lollipop. Roll them in flour and dust off the excess. Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry till golden brown. Serve hot with Nilon’s Schezwan chutney.

2) Paneer Pancake- Blend Paneer and milk in a blender and keep aside. In a different bowl, add all purpose flour, vanilla essence, baking powder and sugar. Mix well while adding milk to the mixture. Then, add the blended paneer and milk to this batter and whisk it well. In a pan, add butter and a ladle full of batter. Spread it well. Flip when one side turns golden brown. Serve when both sides are properly cooked. You can make this pancake tastier by adding Nilon’s tooty frooty to it.

If you want to stick to making gravy based paneer dishes or add an Indian tadka to your homemade paneer pizza and wraps, do remember to try Nilon’s Paneer Masala. It will definitely add a kick to the recipe.
Say Paneer!