With Eid almost here, treat your family with this sugary delight and win their hearts.

Sewai/Vermicelli- 500 gms
Milk- 1.5 litres
Khoya- 500 gms
Pure ghee- 150 gms
Sugar- 1.5 kg
Grated Coconut- Half
Almonds- 75 gms
Cashew- 75 gms
Raisins- 50 gms
Pistachios- 50 gms
Dry Dates- 100 gms
Makhana- 50 gms
Green cardamom- 4
Cloves- 4
500 gms gulabjamun mix

Step 1
Divide ghee into three parts and cloves and cardamom into two.
Heat ghee (1/3) in a large vessel, preferably a kadhai and add cloves and cardamom (1/2) to it. Add vermicelli and roast till golden brown. Keep it aside to cool.

Step 2
To prepare the sugar syrup, heat another pan with ghee (1/3) and add the remaining cardamom and cloves to it. Now add the milk to it and let it boil. Once it boils, add sugar. Keep boiling on medium heat till two-string sugar syrup is prepared.

Step 3
Cut all the dry fruits and roast them on low heat.

Step 4
Put another vessel on the flame with ghee. Add khoya to it and mix well.
Add vermicelli to the sugar syrup and khoya and mix the ingredients.
Now add the gulabjamun mix and the dry fruits to the vermicelli and cook for fifteen minutes on low heat.

Step 5
Serve hot with a smile.