Jam is a fruit preserve, made all around the world, and consists mainly of ingredients like fruits, vegetables and sugar. A number of delicious treats are made with this tasty fruit mix which are enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Nilons Fruit Jam is a perfect blend of the freshest and juicest fruits available in the country and offers a spoonful of delight with every dig. Listed below are some amazing, quick and simple desserts you can prepare with Nilons Jam.
1) Paratha Jam Pie– Add some sugar syrup to flour while kneading the dough. Roll out a a ball of dough and place a good serving of jam on it. Bring the ends together and make a potli out of it. Roll it out again into a perfect circular paratha. Fry the paratha on a tava with butter or ghee. Cut it into small pizza slices and serve.

2) Jam filled Chocolate– Take a few bars of dark chocolate and melt half of them. Take an ice tray and line it with think kitchen plastic film. Fill less than half the height of the tray with chocolate and set it in the freezer. Remove it after and hour and melt the remaining bars of chocolate. Very accurately, place jam on the set chocolate in the ice tray and pour molten chocolate on top. Freeze till it sets and serve to your friends and family.

3) Ice Cream Jam Sandwich– Eveyone loves ice cream and everyone loves jam. What do we get if we mix the two together? The best combination ever! Cut thick rectangular pieces of vanilla or blackcurrant ice cream and lay single pieces on plates. With a spoon or knife, spread a thin layer of jam on it. Add another slice of ice cream on top and you have your Ice Cream Jam Sandwich ready.
Try these dessert recipes with Nilons Mix Fruit Jam and comment below to let us know how good they were.
Happy Jamming!