Gawar in Marathi, Gawar Phali in Hindi.

There are lots of health benefits of cluster beans. Containing just 15 Kcal Energy per 100gm, this particular veggie is very low in calories; yet a powerhouse of nutrition!

It is abundant in proteins, minerals & vitamins along with dietary fibres. The combination of higher protein as well as fibre together with low calories and no fat provides heart health advantages. The following are a few health advantages of Cluster Beans:

  1. Full of Nutrients: Gawar beans are a very good way of obtaining proteins along with soluble fibre. It also includes a number of important vitamins namely Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A. It is also abundant in carbohydrates and foliates. It also has many minerals namely phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium. It has absolutely no cholesterol and fats
  2. Has Low Glycemic Index : It is a low glycemic index food which is preferable over high glycemic index foods
  3. Great for Diabetics: Because of the existence of glyconutrients, cluster beans help us to control glucose levels and, therefore helps prevent diabetic issues. The existence of rich water soluble dietary fibre assists in digestionof food and also reduces bowel problems
  4. Heart Healthy Food: The diet that contains cluster beans in additionally regarded as heart healthy food. This benefit comes from dietary fibre of this vegetable which helps in reducing cholesterol.
  5. Makes Bone Strong: The existence fo phosphoros and calcium in cluster beans enhances our bone health
  6. Better Blood Circulation: The presence of Iron in cluster beans enhances haemoglobin content within red blood cells and thus enhances the oxygen consumption capacity of the blood. It leads to better blood circulation
  7. Recommended During Pregnancy: Cluster Beans are good for pregnant women as it abundant in folic acid is the reason for numerous birth problems as well as other issues in pregnancy. The cluster beans also supply the entire iron & calcium needs during pregnancy
  8. Manages Blood Pressure: Cluster Beans reduce cholesterol and also have hypoglycemic qualities. It therefore, is regarded as one of the finest veggie food source for diabetics as well as high blood pressure sufferers
  9. Stimulates Blood Movement: The cluster beans are recognized to be super laxative. They have got the powerful capacity for hollowing out the bowel and therefore, leading to better working of the stomach and also the overall body. It can also clear toxins from our system
  10. Calms the Brain: Because of the hypoglycemic qualities that makes cluster beans helpful in soothing the brain nerves. So, it can help people with anxiety and stress.