Lord Ganpati’s birthday is almost here, and very soon, the city will be bejeweled with lights and colours. Mandaps will set up in every nook and corner and the sound of dhols will overpower the traffic noise. The city will be enchanted by the aroma of mouth-watering food prepared in every house. Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweet Modak will be the star of the festival.
Try out Chocolate Modak recipe, this year and surprise your guests.

2 cups rice flour
2 table spoon refined flour
2 table spoon refined oil
2 cups water
200 gms cake crumbs
100 gms chocolate chips
100 gms broken walnuts
Step 1
Mix rice flour, refined flour, water and oil in a bowl. Prepare the dough.
Step 2
In a different bowl, add cake crumbs of your choice to chocolate chips and walnuts. Mix well.
Step 3
Roll out small balls of dough for preparing the outer covering.
Step 4
Place the rolled out dough in a mould or your palm and stuff the filling.
Step 5
Steam the dumpling for 12-15 minutes
Step 6
Cut them open in half and serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Globalization and homogenization of the world are resulting in evolution of cultures. To keep the newer and younger generations interested in our traditions, we need to change with time. Minute alterations like these favour all. They do not only bring out a totally different taste in food, they also help bring a smile to our faces.
We hope you enjoy this festival to the fullest. Ganpati Bappa Morya!