Dessert Recipes with Jam

Jam is a fruit preserve, made all around the world, and consists mainly of ingredients like fruits, vegetables and sugar. A number of delicious treats are made with this tasty …
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Baklava Modak

The winning recipe of the #TasteSeKhelo Modak Twist Contest by Suman Chandnani Asnani. A wonderful twist to the traditional modak. Read on.

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Chocolate Modak

Lord Ganpati’s birthday is almost here, and very soon, the city will be bejeweled with lights and colours. Mandaps will set up in every nook and corner and the sound …
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Pancake Pretty!

Weekdays are generally busy, and result in, us missing the most important meal of the day; breakfast. Weekend is the best and the only time we have to make up …
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Eid Mubarak with Kimami Sewai

With Eid almost here, treat your family with this sugary delight and win their hearts.

Ingredients: Sewai/Vermicelli- 500 gms Milk- 1.5 litres Khoya- 500 gms Pure ghee- 150 gms Sugar- …
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Jaggery Pongal

A quick and easy recipe of Jaggery Pongal. Avoid milk and use coconut milk as a substiute. It tastes lovely and is distinguishably different from the regular sweet pongal! Read More

Condensed Milk Choco Brownie

Bake a chocolate brownie in the microwave! Its easy and super quick. We use no milk, just some sweetened condensed milk. This recipe is also eggless, we use a cola …
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Layered Dry Fruit Dessert

Here is a different type of dessert. We’re avoiding dairy, so this is great for all you vegans out there! This easy to make layered dry fruit dessert is a very healthy option as it is low in fat, has no added sugar and no cholesterol and most importantly does not leave you feeling guilty! Read More

Chocolate Bread Pudding

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place bread in a round, buttered, deep dish pie plate. In a medium bowl whisk together eggs, milk, sugar, a dash of salt, vanilla, cocoa, …
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