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Joined Nilon’s in 2004 as Director and CEO of Nilon’s Enterprises; managing the company in close co-ordination with MD. Mr. Rajheev has 27 years of diverse business management experience in India, USA and Indonesia; with iconic FMCG organizations like HUL and ITC. His visionary moves have led the company towards unimaginable growth across India and abroad. Together with Sanghavi and Pathak family, his family is also a stakeholder in Nilon’s Enterprises.

Healthy sources of Magnesium

A study has found that those who consumed about 200mg of magnesium for every 1000 calories consumed, were 47% less likely to develop insulin resistance and diabetes, compared to those …
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Cluster beans

Gawar in Marathi, Gawar Phali in Hindi.

There are lots of health benefits of cluster beans. Containing just 15 Kcal Energy per 100gm, this particular veggie is very low in …
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Healthy Ginger!

Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a very good source of :


Ginger is listed as a herbal medicine with carminative effects – …
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No grappling with grapes!

Health Benefits of Grapes

Like so many plant based foods, Grapes are very healthy for a variety of reasons:

  1. Grapes contain Vitamin-K
  2. High in Magnese
  3. Grapes contain polyphenol resveratrol …
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Why you should go Bananas for Bananas!

Health Benefits of Banana

We all love Bananas but hardly ever know of the health benefits!

Throwing some light on a few of them!

  1. Health promoting FLAVONOIDS
  2. POLY-PHENOLICS, such …
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Analysing Ash Gourd (Winter Melon / Kohla)

Popularly known as Winter melon, or better recognized in India as ‘petha’; Ash-gourd is a fruit with a neutral taste white flesh inside. Read More

Do you know CUCUMBER?

An Ideal cooling summer food, Cucumber is enjoyed as a crunchy snack in sliced form or grated and enjoyed with curd.  The often used phrase ‘as cool as cucumber’ probably emerged from the cooling effects of this fleshy vegetable. Read More


An apple a day can keep Chronic Diseases away!

A wealth of research suggests that eating apples may impact our health in a number of beneficial ways: Read More

Health Benefits of PEAR

While pears can’t boast of an impressive amount of any one nutrient, they do contain a wide array of both vitamins and minerals. Pears contain the following minerals in good …
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Summer Is Coming!

Summers are best enjoyed sitting along a beach and enjoying the sound of the waves or relaxing on a park bench while you watch little children having the time of …
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