House party’s scream comfort, love and personal. Especially, when they are thrown on a special occasion, like the New Years. Everyone likes spending their new years eve with people they genuinely love and want in their lives. House parties are the best way to spend some quality time with your friends and family, celebrating, in the comforts of your personal haven. This year, Taste se Khelo with Nilons and prepare this diverse menu for your guests.
1) Appetizer: Mac and Cheese Bites
Pre heat oven to 200 degree C. Cook Nilons macaroni as required. In a pan, add butter and flour. Cook till smooth mixture is formed. Slowly add milk and simmer. Add cheddar cheese, salt and pepper. Add the pasta to this mixture. Oil spray muffin tins and put these to bake for 15 minutes. Serve with roasted vegetables.

2) Soup: Rasam
Take some tamarind extract, chopped tomatoes, crushed pepper, turmeric powder, garlic, cumin, curry leaves and salt. Boil them together and let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes. Add a ghee, mustard seed, curry leaves and red chilli tadka on top. This Indian version of soup will fit perfectly on your diverse menu and add some kick to the food too. You can also check out our earlier blog on soups for more ideas.

3) Sorbet Intermezzo: Bowl of fruits
This course serves the palate cleanser. However, what can be better palate cleansers than fruits? A small serving of fruits, especially citric, is all that is required. This fruity and healthy palate cleanser will be enjoyed by all.

4) Main Course: Creamy Mushrooms with Rice
Boil and blanch the mushrooms. Cut them into halves. Drain them and put in cold water. Heat butter in a non-stick pan, add onion and sauté. Add mushrooms and sauté on high heat; add dried herbs, salt and black pepper. Add cream to the pan, mix well and serve hot.

5) Dessert: Gajar ka Halwa
End the dinner with a big bowl of everyone’s favourite gajar ka halwa. In a kadhai add grated carrots and full fat milk. Keep cooking and stirring till the mixture is reduced by 75%. Add ghee, sugar and cardamom powder to it. Keep stirring. Add dry fruits and stir continuously. Serve hot.

We hope you have a fun filled New Year’s party and everyone loves the food. Let us know how it went in the comments section below.
Happy New Years! 