Embrace the new tech culture. Today, Instagram gets the first taste of any good dish. Do you go to restaurants and look forward to your food presentation mainly so that you can show off on social media? Know someone that spends the first five minutes trying to get the perfect photograph of their dish and ends up eating it cold, but walks out happy anyway, knowing his picture has 27 likes by the end of his meal?

Here are some tricks to good food photography, that‘ll help you take the perfect picture and get the most out of your meal while it is still hot. And for all we know, you may just get more than 27 likes for it!

Get a table by the window

An outdoor table is the best setting for an excellent food photo, if there are no outdoor tables available, it is best to grab a table by the window. Ask the reservations desk for your preferred table when booking. Dinner time? Find a table that is well lit to capture the best food pictures for the world to see.

Get in close

Taking a wide-shot may not give you the best result; it can make the photographs unattractive. There is way too much going on in the foreground and background of a wide-shot, when really, all we want to see is the food. So unless you want to highlight some specific areas of the table, or the restaurant, get in close.

Vary your camera angle

Try different angles of view when shooting your food items from directly overhead, tilted, shooting into the edge of the plate or table, and so on. Get creative and try to show it in a different way. Remember, let not the angles leave you with a good image and a cold platter.

Lighting is everything!

Backlight is key to texture and in turn an appetising food click. It allows any steam to show up in the image. Steam or smoke will show up prominently when lit from behind. Light is a strong catalyst in photography, when presented in the right proportion, it makes the food look crisp, fresh and undeniably delicious.

Keep it simple

Take out stuff you don’t need, take off things on the table that are distracting and pair down to just the plate of food. If the food is not very attractive, show only a portion of it, get creative with props and when in doubt follow the ‘less is more’ rule of thumb.

Don’t use your built-in flash

Built-in flash tends to flatten an image and make it dull. Also, it doesn’t bring out the real colours in a dish, taking away from the beauty. Try to utilise one of the methods above first and if all else fails, flip out that flash, but only in an emergency.

It’s time to post

Food photography is no rocket science; simply follow the easy steps you just read. All you have to do now is get to your favorite restaurant, call for your favorite dish – A few taps on your mobile screen and VOILA! You have shared an amazingly delicious photograph for the world to drool on, while still steaming. Time now to dig in and let your taste buds enjoy what Instagram just did.

Get clicking!