Pickles! Just read or overhear the word and our mouth starts drooling instantly. Pickles are the inseparable part of any cuisine be it any part of the world. Indians make pickles by preserving raw stuff like fruits and vegetables in oils while western countries use vinegar. In countries like Japan, Korea and China vegetables are preserved in soy sauce or spices.

Need one reason to eat pickle? We give you ten below:

Pickles are not considered good nutritionally by many but they are actually beneficial in many ways.

  1. Pickles that are fermented using salt promote the growth of good bacteria that keeps a control over harmful bacteria in our gut thus improving the digestion.
  2. One of the interesting studies have found that eating fermented foods like pickles regularly can lower the risk of skin diseases, asthma and a few auto-immune disorders.
  3. Pickles made using vinegar not only tastes better but also boost our immune system thus keep us away from diseases.
  4. Eat pickles to reduce joint pain. Vinegar is known to breakdown extra calcium deposits in our joints thus reducing the inflammation.
  5. If you often suffer from a urinary tract infection eat pickles that contain vinegar as it has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which inhibit the growth of the bacteria E coli and fight infection.
  6. Pickles made from different vegetables like cucumber, carrots and radish are rich in fiber which helps in digestion of food.
  7. Vegetable pickles also have antioxidants which help reduce the oxidation process of the body due to pollution.
  8. Pickles can be a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron and many other useful nutrients, which are very necessary for our body metabolism, depending upon the vegetables used in them.
  9. Pickles are also known to boost our psychological health. Studies show that the good bacteria improve the functioning of brain by communicating directly with the central nervous system.
  10. Pickles made from Indian gooseberries or Amla, like the Nilon’s Amla Pickle, have certain properties that protect the liver or reduce the damage caused to the liver. Amla also improves the digestion and gives a soothing effect to those suffering from mouth ulcers.


Pickles can always be accompanied with healthy snacks or any meals to make it tastier. So next time someone debates over eating too much pickles, you have ten reasons to explain.